Virgo Full Moon 2020

19 Virgo – Monday 12.42pm New York, 5.42pm London, Tuesday 3.42am Brisbane.

The Full Moon in Virgo is always a welcomed break in Pisces Season, like getting your feet on solid ground partway through a voyage by sea. Virgo’s ability to see structure in the nuanced helps anchor some of the beautiful ideas or dreams we’ve had floating around, but with no specific container to put them in. Happening in a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn, there is stable growth inherent in this energy, but timing may not be right with retrograde Mercury ruling this Virgo Moon.

“If we can’t make a decision, it often means we don’t have all the information. Patience and trust are required”.

I heard this wise advice in my late twenties, and it was and has been a life saver ever since. Normally a decisive thinker, I came up against a series of situations where choices were necessary but I was so torn between the options that I felt frozen with indecision. One was around a potential job, the other around a friendship, and my Aries bits were champing at the bit to move forward. When I received this advice, I realised it was ok to sit at the crossroads for a while. To look at the view in either direction, perhaps wait for a messenger to show me the way. As it turns out, more information did come to light in coming weeks – the job description morphed into something I wasn’t experienced in and what I had heard about the friend was only malicious gossip.

And this could be the same for us all now. Full Moons pressure choices, but the nebulousness of recent weeks means the options are not totally clear. Sitting with it a little longer is one option, seeing if the information you need comes of its own accord. Yet that isn’t always easy or comfortable, so if action is required, try planning for both options or make a list of all the pros and cons of each and use the analytical abilities of Virgo work its wonders from there. Clarity will come, but not straight away.

If you did your Pisces New Moon intentions last month, check-in and see what has fullness and can be practically implemented, and what may need to be left behind or pushed to the back burner. You might also like to check in with your intentions for the Virgo New Moon last September to see if a wonder time cycle is reaching its peak, and some conscious effort can make the birth process smoother.

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