5 Tips for the Pisces Full Moon

Full Moons are always about finding the middle ground between two seemingly different energies. This time around we have the Sun in efficient, practical Virgo, opposing the mystical, ethereal Moon in Pisces. Picture discerning Virgo trying to peer its way through the dreamy fog of Pisces and it seems the two cannot meet. However, the link that joins the two is SERVICE – Virgo in a practical, logical way and Pisces in a sensitive, compassionate and at times spiritual way. Virgo is the friend who comes over at a time of need to cook your meals, clean the house and plump your pillows. Pisces is one who will listen to your woes, hand you tissues while you weep, and offer deep insights or wise perceptions. Each has their place and with this Full Moon, we have both on tap.

Yet there is more to this Full Moon than just these two energies. The productive Virgo stellium of the last few weeks has been highlighting different threads in our lives as they joined to the outer planets. We’ve been moving back and forth between the uplift and confidence of Jupiter in Sagittarius, the hopeful wishes of Neptune in Pisces, and the more serious consolidation of Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn and this Full Moon will bring them all together. Like a movie full of separate storylines (think Pulp Fiction or Love Actually), this Full Moon is the crescendo scene, where suddenly all the storylines intersect and we see the bigger picture of the whole plot. Perhaps now you’ll see how the discipline and focus of one area of your life has supported growth and enhancement in another, and the aspirations you’ve had may turn out to be real, or a fantasy.

One important piece of this is a Mars-Neptune opposition is intricately tied into this Full Moon, bringing the polarity imagery even more strongly forward. Mars wants to dry out, separate and cut away, while Neptune is subtle, mysterious and dissolving. Full Moons generally highlight emotions but expect it to be even stronger this time as there is the possibility to be impatient around miscommunication or get into conflict over deception. The question is, how will you handle it?

There is the option of two roads here; the heat, passion and assertion of Mars combined with the confusion and fog of Neptune can drag down into lower emotions such as anger, jealousy and spite. Or we could choose numbing activities, such as alcohol, drugs or binge TV.

The other option? Consciously choose to use the fuel of Mars and the staying power of Saturn to remain with the elevated coolness of Neptune. This is a place of sensitivity, insight and connection to the higher realms that is more easily accessible today. It is also a chance to use the connection to Saturn and the South Node to take honest, realistic stock of where you are right now, what has come to fruition so far and what needs to be cut off.

After the crescendo of the Full Moon, the rest of September see things settle down and some lovely astrology weather ahead, especially with the focus on fair Libra also starting on Saturday. So calm seas ahead, for now!

4 Tips for this Full Moon:

  1. Put energy into creative pursuits that capture your imagination in a tangible way; think dancing, painting, drawing, singing, sculpting, whatever you can do to bring the magical Pisces realm into the tangible, earthy Virgo world.
  2. Find ways to be of service to others or the world in general. Small acts of kindness to strangers, helping out the community, or perhaps participate in bigger events such as the Global Climate Strike on September 20th.
  3. If you feel blocked or weighed down with problems and you’re butting your head against a wall, try taking time out and resting will help you tap into a creative space. Sabbaticals, however small, allow for inspired visions that bring inventive solutions.
  4. Time by the water with bare feet on the ground offers energy to both sides, and add in movement if you can to give Mars his outlet.
  5. Refer to your Monthly Forecast for a more personalised understanding of just where and how this may play out for you.

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