Virgo Season 2019 – clockwork or pinball machine?

The Sun moves into Virgo tomorrow and it’s the official start of Virgo season. All the personal planets are in an unusual placement, tightly grouped in one area of the sky. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars have been unlikely travelling companions since they moved into Cancer, one by one, in early June. I watched the Lord of the Rings earlier this week, and I must say this placement reminds me that Fellowship of the Ring – they went through some tough times together as they faced off major foes (Saturn, Uranus & Pluto) and formed helpful alliances (Jupiter). Each has fought their individual battles and had their personal triumphs but through their co-presence they also offered each other the strength of teamwork along the way, despite some tense moments. Mars blazing the trail, Mercury communicating back, the Sun offering confidences as it lights the way ahead, and Venus encouraging unity. Recent times connecting with Jupiter and Neptune in Leo have been like time with the Elves: celebrating achievements so far, and healing wounds from recent battles.

Now they continue together into a unique time as their move into Virgo season brings the party closer together even more. It’s a time to start planning the next stage of the journey, to analyse and critique where you’ve been so it can inform where you are going. The interesting part? They are coming into a series of alignments with ALL of the outer planets within a short period of time. One analogy could be the clockmaker whose meticulous work beautifully portrays the detailed focus of Virgo. He understands there are cycles within cycles as there are cogs within cogs, all forming a complex interchange to offer precise timing. He also knows how to pull the system apart and then put it back together again, so it works like clockwork! Perhaps now is time to take apart what we have learnt this year and piece it all together in a way that works better for us individually. Small messages hold the keys to the larger plan, it’s just knowing which cog fits which part of our lives best as different parts of our charts and our lives are triggered in the weeks ahead. This is when the area of growth connected with Jupiter in Sagittarius can connect with the pared back simplicity that Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn is trying to teach in another area of your life.

Sound confusing? Well it may be… another analogy is a ball in a pinball machine, pinging back and forth between the outer planets and learning from each at they go. I am so happy this is happening in practical, analytical Virgo and not, say, the assertive fires of Aries or the imaginative waters of Pisces. This earthy sign offers grounded stability, yet being a mutable element there is still room for change and movement when we need it. Please read on my website where I’ve broken it down by each outer planet to TRY to simplify what could be complicated weeks ahead as you try to move your focus between the details and the bigger picture. You can also check your monthly forecast to see which areas of your life could be highlighted.

The beauty of Virgo is its simplicity, and that’s the best way to move through this time. Get back to basics, work efficiently and effectively, only putting in as much effort as is required yet keeping momentum happening. Try to avoid the shadow of Virgo which can over-analyse and over think. Put your energy into service though be careful of giving away too much. Getting your bare feet on the earth, your spine up against a tree or walking near water can help at times like this. Sleep with amethyst under pillow if your nerves are jangled or your system is too wired. Breathe; long, deep and rhythmic breaths always help. And just remember with the below – if you are experiencing transits from any of the outer planets to your birth chart right now those particular pings will have a louder message for you.

Uranus in Taurus – as each of these planets trines Uranus in Taurus, they bring messages about the adjustments he is asking you to make. Restless energy or feeling stuck can show just where you need to bring in a breath of fresh air. Exciting new ideas can be followed through with careful action and meticulous planning. I’m looking out for broader themes around waking up to larger environmental issues, or seeing the need of planning towards world food security. Dates: Venus on 26/27 August, Mars on 28 August, Sun on 30 August, Mercury on 1/2 September.

Jupiter in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces – there is a bigger meeting this month as well, between Jupiter and Neptune, the third of a series that happened first in January and then in June. All the triggers from Virgo can help bring this down to earth and create something tangible out of those castles in the sky. It’s time to test what you dreamed up, and measure it against reality, look at the fine print and see what steps are required. Go slow to go fast with this energy, analyse and critique everything! The more you do that now, the less delays in the long run. Dates: Venus on 2/3/4 September, Mercury on 6/7 September, Sun on 9/10 September, Mars on 12/14 September.

Saturn/South Node in Capricorn – with Saturn and the South Node within a degree of Jupiter, this will be pinged in less than 24 hours of the Jupiter square. I can hear a collective gasp of horror go up, but this is a trine from a fellow earth sign, so should be easier than before. The beauty with this is seeing both sides of the equation to make a cautious analysis of either choosing one path to go down or choosing to give time to the energy of both. Venus in her fall in Virgo won’t have the dignity to handle it so easily, but for the other planets it could be letting go of short term ideas to allow for long term planning towards a bigger success. Or deciding to wait a little longer either until more pieces of the puzzle come together or to put more solid foundations in place. Dates: Venus on 1/2 September, Mercury on 5 September, Sun on 6/7 September, Mars on 8/9 September.

Pluto in Capricorn – then the planets will all trine Pluto and this is breaking things down to their essence, getting underneath everything and seeing what survives. As each of the planets form a trine to Pluto, you’ll get a chance to see beneath the surface of your thinking, your feelings or motivations and gain some deep insights on yourself – though it may not be an easy pill the swallow. The upside is a chance to operate from place of new awareness and understanding, where you are truly being honest with yourself and therefore others as well. Date: Venus on 6/7 September, Mercury on 8/9 September, Sun on 13/14 September, Mars on 19/20 September.

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