Aquarius Full Moon ’23

2 August 4.31am Brisbane (1 August 7.31pm London, 4.31pm Eastern and 11.31am Pacific)

The objective high ground of Aquarius offers an enlightening perspective for those who are exploring the space between the autonomy of sovereignty and the custodianship of the collective. It’s never one or the other but an oscillating point that shifts as we change and evolve. The tension of this Full Moon highlights your concerns here – perhaps it’s giving up too much to belong? Or the loneliness of staying separate? Jupiter’s square from Taurus brings the intuitive understandings you need as you through staying still, present, and embodied. With Jupiter acting as the fulcrum of this Full Moon, the lessons lie in blending intellectual ideals with material practicality and balancing your urges to innovate or drive change with plans for solid, stable progress. Or perhaps it’s acknowledging that ethics are needed to ensure the best for the planet.

This Full Moon isn’t the only opposition of the moment, as Mercury’s mental energy meets the stonewall of Saturn right at the same time, and as the Mars trine to Jupiter anchors an earthy realism. Mercury in Virgo is the discerning communicator ensuring it passes the exactly worded message, but you may only hear parts of it through Saturn’s blockade of Piscean confusion and illusion. So be careful of miscommunication and taking things out of context, instead find a balance between ALL the information and taking a leap of faith. Meanwhile, an earthy trine between Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus helps us feel motivated and channel our energy into productive, practical tasks.

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