Cancer New Moon 2021

18 Cancer
Friday 9 July Pacific 6.16pm, Eastern 9.16pm, and 10 July, London 2.16am and Brisbane 11.16am

This Cancer New Moon is like being enfolded in the arms of a loved one, all simple joys and soulful comforts. The sensitivity of this deep feeling sign brings out all the emotions, and that will be doubly so on Saturday. This area of our lives has been painful, and loss ridden over the last 3 years, but now it’s time for a fresh new start. In the Moon’s own sign, it’s one of my favourite New Moons of the year. Like Maria in Sound of Music, singing of her favourite things to push away fears, you can do the same. This area of your life is clear of friction right now, so it’s a place to lean into for solace and respite from the tightening of the screws in the fixed signs.

Cancer’s draw to the past reminds us that soul healing can be found in childhood joys. Reflect back on what you loved as a child, what was repeated over and over again with wonder and delight then find ways to bring that back into your life. Like the comfort of eating the simple meals of your childhood, these pastimes light up the soul and refresh the spirit, bringing true wellness to your life again.

Another song I’m reminded of is Massive Attack’s song “Protection”

“And you can’t change the way she feels,
But you could put your arms around her…
I stand in front of you
I’ll take the force of the blow

The area of our lives that Cancer rules is concerned with protection to empower growth, but this hasn’t seemed possible in recent years. Now, with this New Moon and its separating sextile from Uranus, a wake-up call shows new possibilities in the empty spaces we’ve been grieving. A trine to Neptune encourages you to dream your way forwards, though the coming opposition to Pluto won’t let you forget its clean-up job hasn’t quite finished. For now, embrace all the changes, even the painful ones, and feel the kiss of a new dawn rising.

Tips for this Cancer New Moon:

  1. Allow your emotions to surface, let them flow through, and try to stay with any pain that comes along too. That energy is better out than in, as my grandmother used to say.
  2. If you can, enjoy hugs with trusted loved ones right now, physical embrace holds special powers that have been missing for so long!
  3. Think about your childhood joys from the past and see how they can be replicated in your present
  4. Soothe yourself – time with clan or loved ones, a mental health day, comfort food or
  5. Get sentimental about the past, share cherished memories, or connect to ancestors
  6. Try a New Moon Ritual at the water’s edge, the ocean if possible to harness that dynamic watery environment but a lake, river, creek, even bath, will work well.
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3 thoughts on “Cancer New Moon 2021”

  1. Another good song for Cancer protection is Barbra Streisand’s song written by Stephen Sondheim “Not While I’m Around”. Worth a listen. And yes, I’m a Cancer Sun, Mars, Uranus – July 4th birthday 🙂

    Nothing’s gonna harm you
    Not while I’m around
    Nothing’s gonna harm you
    No sir, not while I’m around
    Demons are prowling everywhere nowadays
    I’ll send them howling, I don’t care, I’ve got ways
    No one’s gonna hurt you
    No one’s gonna dare
    Others can desert you
    Not to worry, whistle I’ll be there
    Demons’ll charm you with a smile for a while
    But in time
    Nothing can harm you, not while I’m around
    Being close and being clever
    Ain’t like being true
    I don’t need to, I would never
    Hide a thing from you
    Like some
    No one’s gonna hurt you
    No one’s gonna dare
    Others can desert you
    Not a worry, whistle I’ll be there
    Demons’ll charm you with a smile for awhile
    But in time
    Nothing can harm you
    Not while I’m around

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