Capricorn Full Moon 2023

On 3 Jul at 9.38pm Brisbane (12.38pm London, 7.38am Eastern & 4.38am Pacific)

This Full Moon is about cycles within cycles as some come to a close and we’re also feeling into the new. Capricorn revels in logic and reality, and will push aside the fancy frills, so let’s work with bullet pointed facts:

  • It’s the first Capricorn lunation looking to Saturn away from its own signs since July 2017.
    6 years.
    12 lunations.
    That’s a major shift.
    And with Saturn now in the tender grace of Pisces it’s a shift from brittle to soft, from harsh to gentle, from “suck it up” to “aww, are you ok?”.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still Capricorn, so this Full Moon will retain that focused, determined edge that drives towards achievement and success. Yet Pisces compassion softens focus and allows more flow, while the imaginative side reveals further peaks you may not have dreamed of.
  • Full Moons represent peaks of cycles, and it’s the last Capricorn Full Moon sharing space with Pluto since 2009.
    An even longer time.
    “Kids born then are now in high school” long time.
    Since then, and torturously in the last 3 years, you’ve been digging deep into your Capricorn life topics to bring the hidden to light and understand yourself more (see your area via the rising sign list below). Perhaps this Full Moon is recognition of all you’ve achieved and just how much growth Pluto has encouraged, even if it’s turned you inside out to do so.
  • Special mention to the trine from Jupiter in Taurus for this Full Moon – steadying your stride, honouring of the wisdom you’ve earned, and offering patience with any realisations of where more must be done.

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