Scorpio Lunar eclipse 2023

14o Scorpio –  6 May Brisbane – 3.34am, 5 May London – 6.34pm, Eastern – 1.34pm & Pacific – 10.34am

Now the Moon is in the deeper waters of Scorpio, we’re feeling the sucking tides of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse tugging at our feet. Perhaps you’re feeling the sand pulled from beneath your toes, throwing you off balance, or you’re relieving in the cleansing as the waves ebb away. An ebb tide reveals the ocean floor, allowing what the waters hid before to see the light of day, and you too may discover a hidden truth when you’re willing to peel back some layers over the coming days. 

With Jupiter joining the North Node in Taurus in a few weeks, the opportunities and growth possibilities are dialing up in the Taurus area of your chart. This last Scorpio eclipse for the next 9 years is the last opportunity to throw out the old and make space for the new, knowng this purge in one area of life helps you embrace all that will be flowing in from another. The South Node in Scorpio, the sign of the detoxification, means purges and purifications are high on the agenda. You can’t pour into a full cup, so it’s time to gently let go in order to grow. 

Mars in Cancer rules this eclipse, as it did the previous one, and while it’s instinct to protect loved ones and act in tender ways it can do it with a harsh edge or hypersensitivity. The emotions of the past pull strongly under this eclipse, but as the draining purge heightens you may find sentimentality calling more strongly than usual and affecting your clarity as you choose what stays and what goes. Remember – your feelings are not facts, and this could be a mantra to repeat on this eclipse! You may also find relief in a good hard cry, or sharing your true feelings with a compassionate ear. Toxic emotions like shame and guilt are neutralised by empathy. 

Being a Full Moon, polarities are highlighted, and choices feel more significant or it’s a time of turning points. If you’re hesitating at a crucial crossroads and asking yourself “Is this the right or wrong choice for me?” try coming away from those polarities and instead consider the consequences of either possibility and bring your body’s wisdom into the process. Visualise yourself in the future of each choice, and feel in your body how it would be to live there. Whether your choices are about love or fear will quickly become obvious. 

From early Friday morning (Australia), the Moon enters Scorpio and moves in the range of the drain of the South Node, staying in this sign until early Sunday morning. Moods intensify, energy will ebb and vitality can lower, so it’s important to have downtime scheduled or a quieter few days planned. 

You may wish to mark this period of time with a simple ritual of cleaning your home, physically and energetically, then enjoying a (sea) salt bath. Other activities to mark this eclipse could be: 

Purifying, decluttering, spring cleaning • Energetic cleanse of your body or home • Let go, release, remove things or people • Salt baths or float tank • Fasting • doing a Ketu ritual • 

It’s also an energetically optimal moment to begin a health purging – sugar, cigarettes, alcohol for example, though I would say with the opposition to retrograde Mercury to go gently. Perhaps a morning or day of broths, light soups, or juices to give your digestion a well-earned break.

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