Capricorn South Node eclipse – buh bye now!

Lunar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn

Saturday 4 July – Pacific 9.43pm

Sunday 5 July – Eastern 00.43am, London 5.43am, Brisbane 2.43pm

There’s a feeling of things being pulled away from us now, as we move towards the last gasp of the life-changing eclipse series that’s been happening since July 2018. Just like an airline steward urgently nudging passengers out of the plane after a long-haul flight, it the ultimate “Buh bye now” energy. Eclipses are about polarities, as the opposing points in the sky have us ping-ponging between two areas of lives that may seem opposed but are ultimately connected. As the North Node moved through the Cancer ruled area of our lives, we’ve been hungry for caring, safety and comfort, and driven towards achieving it in whatever way we can. At the same time, South Node releasing in the Capricorn part has seen old structures tumble to allow the space for it. Let me share a personal story to illustrate…

That North Node eclipse in July 2018 was in my 4th house of home and family, and since then we’ve been house hunting. I love where I live, and it’s so Capricorn – an eclectic, century-old house built on a mountainside with panoramic views any goat would envy. Built airy and open for comfort in hot summers, it’s not wonderful on cold mountain nights. That winter, I swore to my husband it was the last winter we would spend in this house. So we pulled together a wishlist and started looking for a new home. Should be easy? Well remember, what opposes the 4th house of home and family is the 10th house of career. What stood in our way was the specific requirements both my husband and I needed because of our careers and the work we do from home. This made the pickings slim and in the last 18 months, we haven’t found one place that would work. Not one.

Until suddenly, this eclipse season, our landlord gives us a notice as he’s selling the house and that was it, we had to move. I felt despair initially, as with COVID-19 this place had been a safe haven and we were reconsidering if we should move at all. And then that SAME day, a conversation with a lovely friend led to the perfect place falling in our laps. I pulled out our old wishlist yesterday, all dogeared after all this time, and 15 of the 18 criteria have been met. And we’re signing the paperwork on the new place on Sunday. Yes, it’s an eclipse, but it’s perfect for this cycle we’ve been through. We’re letting go of our idyllic mountain sanctuary so we can join a new start, in not only a more comfortable home but we also hope it brings new opportunities for both our careers.

So what is falling away from you right now? Or what is trying to eject? They always say, those things that fall away are meant to be left behind, but that doesn’t stop the pain of letting go when you’re not ready. Or perhaps you’re at the point where you’re so ready to let go, you’re exhausted from pushing it away but don’t understand why it’s still here with you? This is the weekend to do some real work on purging what is keeping you stuck. What can you try? My tips are:

– it’s been an intense month, so take some time out and don’t fill up your schedule. Take a salt bath, dip at the beach, float tank. Drink water. Whatever will restore and replenish.

Inner work
– Use this weekend to gentle feel around inside, and ask yourself which part of you is still holding on and why. Meditation or contemplation is perfect for this, as it journaling. I always suggest the “write and burn” method with eclipses, don’t hold onto it.

Purge, purge, purge
– Clear out clutter. Physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual. Shed what you don’t want (desire, drama, delusion, cynicism) so you can connect with what you do (clarity, joy, detachment, elevation). When you find what no longer fits – burn it, responsibly discard (this includes avoiding emotionally vomiting on other people), or carefully rehome.

Release old intentions
– With coming Mars retrograde in mind… if you create many intentions but don’t follow up with action towards them, you can become frozen by pressure of unfinished business. Revisit your higher purpose to purge old intentions you’re never going to act on, so you can wipe the slate clean and carefully start anew with what you can put the Mars in Aries energy behind between now and late August.

– These eclipses can have physical purging symptoms too, including #astrogastro as one client so wittily put it! To minimise or avoid, I highly recommend rituals to Ketu (South Node) to encourage this eclipse energy to work for you, rather than on or against you. If you’d like a ritual, I have one based on this one suggested by Kaitlin Coppock who is my go-to for planetary magic rituals.
Set up a clean altar space with black cloth or paper, black or white candle (unburnt) then add in some or all of the below, making sure it’s not cluttered:
– incense
– charcoal
– a bowl of black sesame seeds, nigella, black rice or dried black beans
– cats eye or tigers eye
– snake skins to resemble shedding
– image of Ketu or Ganesha
Ring a bell to clear static energy, then light the candles (and incense if you’re using) and sit quietly. Clear your mind as you connect to the altar, not by pushing thoughts away but just detaching when they come up. Try visualising a cleaning wash of white passing through you, then pale green to symbolise fresh new start. If you like chanting, you can listen to or chant this. Once you feel purified, or just plain empty, you may like to pray to Ketu while looking at his image, or any of your higher guides/entities/spirits that can help lift away what you no longer need.
Once the ritual is finished, let it sit overnight or until the Moon leaves Capricorn, then dispose of in a place where nature can feed on it (garden, compost, or chickens if you’re a crazy chicken lady like me). Wash your gemstones and charge in sunlight and ensure you tidy up the space. All of this can be done during the live eclipse window or while the Moon is within 12 degrees of the eclipse.

I hope all of this helps, and the spiritual side of this eclipse helps you let go of whatever is holding you down so you can float a little higher towards your aims.

Alicia x

7 thoughts on “Capricorn South Node eclipse – buh bye now!”

  1. My birthday is tomorrow….with my sun at 11 Cancer, moon 0 Cap. I think I’m going to try your ritual suggestion – it feels right. Us Cancers do like to collect things and ruminate a bit on the past to the point of holding us back. Can so relate. Thank you Alicia. Good luck on your new home! You’re going to just love it there – a fresh new beginning. Many blessings!

    1. Happy birthday! And yes, the ritual would be timely to help balance the energy as you’ll carry it throughout the year ahead having your solar return on an eclipse.

  2. I love the letting go ritual…so very deliberate…purifying…intentional. I’m going to try it.

  3. Such a great helpful column. My natal Saturn is at 13 Capricorn, so it feels rather significant for me.

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