Jupiter-Pluto conjuction June 2020

As with anything involving Pluto, this article is intense and I cannot apply my usual silver lining to today’s transit. I ask that you read this article when you have the time to take in it’s message and invite you to find ways to apply it to your life. Time is running out for us all, and I believe how we react and what we do in the next 6 months, individually and collectively, will strongly shape the future to come. Please read on for my reasons why…

One theme with the dance between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto this year has been wearing masks. As Saturn and Pluto edged closer together, many Australians donned masks to cope with the apocalyptic, smoke-filled air. Not long after, COVID-19 hit, and we had memes of imaginative mask creations in China, but it quickly became more serious and suddenly the whole world was buying masks. Next, the images filling our lives were of George Floyd who was unable to breathe due to a policeman’s knee on his neck, a literal outplay of the oppressive system brutalising Black Americans because of the colour of their skin. And then the signs, all the signs, saying “I can’t breathe”…

“I can’t breathe”

Smoke-filled cities and towns, across Australia, reaching all the way to New Zealand. Our beautiful environment burning due to years of misuse of resources and ignorant policy-making. Animals, habitats, whole ecosystems disappearing in days.

“I can’t breathe”

A microscopic parasite taking over our lives, making us distrust people around us and the literal air that we breathe. And for the millions who catch it, left battling for air as their body is unable to get the vital oxygen they need. And sadly 1 in 10 dies from it.

“I can’t breathe”

The chant of PoC in America and around the world, so sick of the unjust, repressive system that has them so trapped and out of options, they cannot breathe.

“I can’t breathe”

The entanglements Jupiter and Saturn form to Pluto this year are dragging the hidden into view for us all. Pluto is pulling these two social planets down into his halls of true justice, and showing them the seedy underbelly of what they have created. Corruptions of the power structures that underpin our lives – police, justice, religion, government, our whole Western society. Facing our own powerlessness in the face of Mother Nature – bushfires raging and viruses keeping us confined in our own homes, while our trusted “religion” of science offers no solutions. How Western (White) systems of power have corrupted the whole world; from weaponising ruthless war lords to protect oil interests to supporting countries who continually commit human rights abuses against their own people.

But I do believe there is hope, as long as we face the Pluto truths while we’re down here. All are equal in his hall of deaths, be it prince or pauper, president or priest. Cycles are being reset as each planet faces Pluto and the harsh, yet just punishments he is doling out. Saturn is now backing closer to Pluto each day. November brings the next of these Jupiter-Pluto meetings. Once Jupiter and Saturn emerge from this space in December, they head straight for each other and for a whole new cycle resetting – the Grand Conjunction moving into air signs for the next 180 years (until 2199).

Finally. Air.

Can we breathe it? Are we ready? Is it what we are craving? Will we open the door into a room full of fresh air, only to bring the pollution and smoke from the past, quickly choking up new possibilities? Will this future even allow us in if we carry those contaminants with us?
These cycles are way bigger than each of us but we each, as a part of the human race, have a sacred responsibility to leave the world a better place for us having been in it. And Pluto is asking that question to us all, at a global level and a personal level. How can you do better? Be better? Create a world that is better? As I said in my previous post on this, Jupiter and Pluto together can create powerful urges to seek bigger truths, connect to a higher power, and see a greater picture at play. We only have 6 months to use the last of this earth cycle to clean up this mess. To use Saturn’s commitment to creating lasting change and Jupiter’s optimism to build a truly just world.

A special note for us white women
The current Earth era of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions started with women laced into corsets so tight it damaged organs, compromised fertility and had women fainting all over the place as they struggled to breathe. It was a literal analogy for the cages we were kept in, with no access to money or empowerment except through our looks, and they were contained to a beauty ideal that kept us physically retrained. Try running in a corset…

Yet in this same era, we women have fought back and shaken off the much of the system that has kept our gender imprisoned for centuries. That work hasn’t finished yet, but we’ve come so far and learned so much along the way. And now, we have a responsibility to support those also oppressed, to those also marginalised, to offer a helping hand instead of keeping alive the system that traps us all. It doesn’t have to be huge leaps, and we can all learn along the way together, but we need to stay alert, focused and active.

It starts with open hearts, open minds, and the willingness to listen and then take action. To use the voting power our fore-mothers fought so valiantly for so we could have it now. To use our voices, which are finally being heard, to speak for those who are shouting yet being ignored.

Feminism isn’t about women only, it’s about everyone. It’s truly valuing the contributions of each individual in society regardless of:
– the colour of our skin and racial family we belong to
– the gender we identify as
– the person we love
– the religion we believe in
– the social role we choose to play

Feminism is equity. It’s mutuality. It’s true justice. This is the feminism I am proud to believe in and I’m so grateful for those who came before me for championing it. Feminism even embraces our sacred mother, this planet who holds us gently in her arms and encourages us to look after her as well.

I don’t wish to preach, because I believe each of us has our own journey, but we can all hold hands while we walk and help each other up when we stumble. I know we’ll make mistakes (I already have – LOTS) because we’ve been blinded for so long in our unjust social system. But we can’t let our egos get in the way of a better future. As Ibram X. Kendi so eloquently put it (and I’m paraphrasing) it’s like we’ve been standing in the rain of white oppression for so long, we don’t even know we’re wet. If you’d like to know more of what you can do, perhaps this article will hold some ideas for you to start with.

Right now, a whole culture of people are generously extending us an umbrella, will you take it? A breath of fresh air is coming soon, will you be able to breath it in?

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  1. Jeanette Blake

    so beautifully written, Alicia – and such a timely comment on all that is happening. Your words scare me, delight me, and ultimately uplift me to do more and better. Thank you.

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