Easter 2019 is a chance for A RESET

We’re sliding into the weekend with brand new energy! Yes, Mercury is now drying out in Aries and the mojo is slowing coming back after 2 months in the dreamy immersion that is Pisces. Blockages are clearing, mental clarity is returning and the pace is picking up again. I’d forgotten what it’s like to for my mind to function at top speed! It does have an act in haste, repent at leisure quality, so try to think things through if you can over the next 4 weeks.

Yet this isn’t the only newness. Full Moon in Libra, Sun into Taurus and Venus into Aries all occurring over the Easter weekend, aligning with a traditionally blessed time of year. Did you know that EASTER anagrams to A RESET? Before Christianity and way back in time, this was a Pagan celebration of the sweetness of new life and the hope of a fresh start. Looking beyond Europe, there are many other cultures that celebrate a new start right now – Hindu Ramanavami Festival celebrating of Rama’s birth, Thailand’s New Year celebrations, Buddhist Theravada New Year, and the Ridvan Festival of the Ba’hai faith is about endings towards new beginnings. Even South Africa has Freedom Day next week, a celebration of the end of apartheid and the start of a new era.

All of this signals a time of the old making way for the new, so pushing the reset button on our lives feels significant now, and the Universe is offering the energy to support it. What part of your life could do with a spring clean? How can you open your inner doors to a breeze of freshness?

Friday brings the Full Moon in the last degree of Libra (9.12pm AEST, 12.12pm London, 7.12am New York), which seems so appropriate for the Good Friday energy. In the Christian faith, Good Friday is a day of mourning Jesus and what he endured for the sake of the human race, right before he rises again to offer hope to all.  The end of Passover (Pesach) in the Jewish faith also falls on this day this year. This is a time of remembrance of the long-ago flight of the Israelites from Egypt. They left behind their homes and worldly possessions to find freedom from slavery and to build a new nation.

So much about giving up and letting go towards a higher purpose, about keeping the end goal in mind as you move forward from the leftovers of the past. Look to your higher purpose on Friday and make that your priority. From this perspective, you’ll know just what needs to be released.

This Full Moon offers Libra’s reflective mirror of our relationships to show us just where to move next to find balance, equality and harmony in your partnerships. It’s a chance for a fresh start for not just you, but the special people in your life. It will require letting go of old habits and power structures that could be standing in the way, but honesty, openness and trust are the prizes. It is also ruled by Venus who is in the final degrees of Pisces, so there are energies of generosity, gentleness and compassion to access.

The next day the Sun makes it’s annual move into Taurus, drawing us into her zone of sensory pleasure. For those in Western cultures, it seems perfect for Easter vibes of celebrating, baking, feasting and the annual chocolate indulgence. Yet it also heralds a month of being more peaceful and serene, more connected-in-the-moment. I’m heading to a festival called “The Planting” on May 4 and I can’t think of anything more Taurus than gathering to honour the trees and this abundant planet we live on. I must note though, with Uranus now in Taurus, it will have more rumblings, shake-ups and surprising insights than the sun’s usual pilgrimage through here. You can honour his energy by allowing new in, trying something unusual or embracing your uniqueness and shining that out into the world – all these give Uranus what he seeks.

On Sunday, Venus then moves into Aries, with her love of the bold, courageous and daring. There will be more on that to follow.

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