Full Moon in Aquarius 2019

Tomorrow’s Full Moon brings a calm, neutral look at the last few weeks, and just what all the passion and fire of Leo has brought up. There have been exciting plans, big ideas as finally there is forward movement on projects that have been on simmering on the back burner for the last few months. Aquarius has a stepped back approach, detaching from the drama and excitement of Leo so it can have a clear, higher view. You can consciously use this energy by taking time over the next few days to think “Can it be done? In what way? Is there new knowledge or lateral thinking required?” Or does the coolness of this Saturn ruled sign shows you where you need to let go of expectations or plans to create freedom for something new to come in.

Over the last few nights, as the Moon’s luminosity has grown, it occurred to me how at the Full Moon night seems as day, and there is light for 24 hours. During this particular Full Moon the daytimes are full of the Sun in its position in Leo, shining on all things, offering warmth and growth to all, weeds or flowers. The coolness of night, and the cold light of the Moon throws things into black and white which is especially fitting for Aquarius and its lofty criteria. Does it fit or does it not? Will it work or will it not? This Full Moon will dry out and clear the mind to show the logical way forwards into the future. As it is happening in the terms of Mars, there is the action and sharp edge there to cut away what doesn’t fit or is no longer needed.

This Full Moon also happens right as Venus moves away from the heart of the Sun and is swallowed up by the brightness of his light in Leo. She is back to dancing in the shadows again, and can pull in ideas from the unseen, the unknown, tapping into a whole other realm. Keep an ear out for inner “taps on the shoulder” or “gut feelings” about relationships in your life, or those you are connected to. Aquarius has high ideals, and you may find some in your life not living up to them. Are your standards too high? Or do these people no longer fit where they used to? It’s not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but knowing who to allow in how far in your world.

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  1. Janella Purcell

    Ur in my mind and soul I’m sure. Such a treat reading (and processing) your analysis Alicia. Thank you! Your gift is needed out there. 🙏🏻💫

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