Using the Jupiter joy!

Our heart is so much like the Sun, which rules Leo. The Sun beams light and warmth to all areas of our solar system, and our heart pumps warm blood, with it’s oxygen and nutrient load, around the our body. The Sun and our heart both give life – our heart beat (pulse) is what we use to check for signs of life. Like the sun is the centre of our solar system, our heart is core to our being. And it is more than a muscular pump, recent research encourages us to see the part it plays in emotional intelligence. The heart has neurons that connect into the left hemisphere of the brain, helping us strike a balance between our logical and emotional responses.

Why am I telling you all this? As both the Sun and Venus travel through Leo this week, they form a harmonious connection (trine) Jupiter in Sagittarius. With Leo’s link to the heart and Sagittarius as an inspiring teacher, my feeling is we are in for some wise lessons from our heart in the days ahead.

Like a baby soothed by the rhythm of its mother’s heartbeat, listening to our heart can bring us back to ourselves, back to our core. Where we can embrace it’s life giving beat that’s confirm we are still alive and not crushed by the truck that was Cancer-Capricorn opposition. It’s time to get moving again, do what lights you up and makes your spirit flare! Last weekend we went to a street party with Brazilian dancers and drummers parading through the street. The steady thrumming of the drums was like a heartbeat that had everyone in the crowd tapping along with their feet. Children and adults alike joyously joined in the dancing, not caring what anyone thought, letting the rhythm take over.

The rest of this week has that Carnivale energy to it, throwing caution to the wind and jumping into the fray, trusting the rhythm of our heart to guide us. All the heat of the Sun and the two fire signs uplift, and Jupiter expands, so the next few days can fill your cup to overflowing as we open our hearts to new ideas, opportunities or connections. Then Venus comes into the equation on Friday and draws in the abundance possible when we unify all the right parts. The Moon joins Jupiter in Sagittarius around the same time on Friday and stays much of the weekend, bringing our unconscious needs into alignment with our heart’s desire. If you know the houses in your chart that Leo and Sagittarius light up, you can focus on those themes to check in with your heart and make bold, confident steps from there.

Tips for this energy:

  1. Take time to listen to yourself, your inner core self, the “you” that listens to the voices in your head and is separate from them. That is where the message of your heart lies.
  2. Follow your heart when new opportunities present, and know that the approaching Virgo focus will bring the discernment you require to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  3. Like birds catching an updraft, spread your wings as far out as you can and trust they can lift you up to where you need to go. Faith and confidence are on tap this week.
  4. Look back on anything you have been working on since November last year, this is the time to use Leo’s focus and steady drive to give it the extra oomph it may need or ask for the support you require to bring it to life.
  5. Be bold, and don’t take the first no as the final answer. Sometimes it takes asking three or four times before you get the yes you want.

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