Gemini Full Moon 2019

This Full Moon in the Peter Pan sign of Gemini is all about light-hearted fun, perfectly positioned for this time of year. What lights you up? How do you let your hair down? What does your inner child crave? Get ready to try that and more as the Moon moves towards Full on Thursday (3.12m AEST). Gemini is the butterfly of the zodiac, it’s light touch is beautifully suited to pollinating all manner of things. With its ruler, Mercury, in Sagittarius you may find ideas are BIG, times are joyous and the focus is definitely on the inspirational and positive.

Gemini is also the messenger, and this Full Moon asks what kind of messages can we offer? The world situation right now, on many levels, has many of us feeling worried and even hopeless, like small cogs in a huge, out of control wheel. And yet, all it takes is a few cogs to fall out of alignment for that wheel to jam or fall apart. These feelings of concern are valid and not to be ignored, but staying too focused on the problems will drag us into despair.

Remember, the solution never lies with the problem.

Try tapping into what kind of future you want to live in, and then planning out the steps needed to go into that space. Full Moons are about choices, and knowing your choices are in your control will help you feel more settled. Think on the choices needed now to move towards the solution you desire. What do they look like? What does that future feel like? Keep hold of that, like a message of hope from the future, a lamp shining its light ahead. You can also be a messenger yourself, as kind words and generous actions offer encouragement to others. Wisdom offered from the heart is also beneficial but beware of the preachy tendencies of Mercury in Sagittarius. Pulpits and lecterns should be left to the experts!

Tips for this Full Moon in Gemini

– connect, share, enjoy time with good friends
– if your mind is overactive, exercise and getting into your body alleviates this, try a walking meditation
– if you are feeling anxious write out your wories and fears to get them out of your mind, and then burn them (in your sink for those in fire restricted areas)
– lavender oil and amethyst help soothe a jangled nervous system, sleep with the oil on your pillow and a piece of amethyst underneath.

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