Solstice 2019, Capricorn Season & those eclipses

Each year as the Sun moves into Capricorn it marks the December Solstice (sol = sun, stiti = to stop), where the sun stands still as it reaches the most southern point of its yearly voyage, the Tropic of Capricorn. Know that sweet moment on a swing where you reach the highest part and pause before swinging back to earth, feeling like you could keep flying into the sky? This is the Sun right now, pausing as it realigns to travel north again and bring light back to those lands now wreathed in winter dimness. Traditionally the solstice is seen as a time when the veil between the seen and unseen worlds is briefly lifted, with more possible connections between humans and energetic beings, and ancients often cautioned not to “go away with the faeries”. In some countries it is celebrated with maypole dancing, symbolising a weaving together of energies that spin into the planet as the pause takes effect.

I’m always so thankful for the Solstice pause, but even more this year. It’s like a gift from the Universe that allows us to take stock of all that came in the year behind us, and what a year 2019 has been! Personally, there is so much to be grateful for in the fruitful growth that Jupiter in Sagittarius offered, and I’m also trying to be thankful for the more challenging lessons of Capricorn. Each had something for me to learn around familiar Capricorn themes, including boundaries, control, power and just where my responsibilities lie. As the Sun slips into cool, calm and collected Capricorn, the invitation for us all to take stock is even more valuable this year. I could talk about endurance, resilience and discipline, or how each of these qualities can assist us to keep moving forward, like a walking stick on a mountain climb. I could also remind about the feminine energy of this sign, and taking rest and restoration when we need instead of pushing beyond our limits.

However, my main tip to this Capricorn season is don’t isolate or try go it alone, or feel like your burden is too heavy for others to carry. Tough times are best weathered with true company, so choose some time-tested companions and walk forward with them, taking turns to share each other’s loads and draw comfort from those moments of togetherness.

The solstice also reminds of the inexorable wheel of change moving forward, ever onwards. The material focus of this sign shows us we can stay fixed with the past or let go to move forwards with it, into the future. The next month requires a clear head and forward focus, so I suggest using the solstice as a chance to balance and regroup towards that. Which brings us to the important dates in Capricorn Season:

  • Firstly, this signals a huge focus on that Capricorn area of your chart that Capricorn, as the Sun joins Jupiter, South Node, Saturn AND Pluto. It’s like a therapy session, where we bring the intensity of the past year into the light for a uncomfortable yet cathartic release. What have you felt loss around, or been forced to face some tough lessons? Is there more learning needed? Personally, 2019 was a year of forced recognition that I only have time and energy for so much, despite my Aries placements thinking they can do ALL the things. Much of this year was spent getting strategic around my goals, honing my priorities and then focusing only in those places – as I wrote this I realise more work will be needed here in the month ahead.
  • Next up, this solstice is closely tied into the upcoming South Node Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25/26. Many cultures observe the solstice with fire and light rituals, both to purify and light the way ahead. Purification is a key element of any eclipse, especially one linked to the south node release point. What can you throw into those metaphorical fires? The July eclipses sent strong messages around letting go, and this next is a follow up, like an airline check-in point when your bag is too heavy – what can you leave behind as you travel into the future you wish to create? I recently did a webinar the coming eclipses, with lots of practical tips on how to best working with them (and what NOT to do on this New Moon) which you can purchase here.
  • Mercury will add its megaphone to the melee when it moves in on 29th and becomes entangled into all the upcoming alignments, so listen out for messages from others or share your concerns and lessons. There are words of wisdom available as Mercury aligns with Jupiter on 3 January, and then he links the next series of alignments, like a needle through a tapestry, bringing them all into conscious thought.
  • 10/11 January brings the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and a more forward direction as it’s linked to the North Node. Focus on your attachments, those you wish to protect and keep into the future and those attachments you can let go of and stop their energy drain. With Mercury involved, words may be weighted with heightened emotions under this energy, and speaking to others of all your hard-earned lessons can help clear your mind and offer insight and wisdom to your audience.
  • That Saturn-Pluto alignment (at 22 Capricorn) on 12/13 January has many worried or concerned, but honestly, it’s not new ground. We just have to look at the conservative movements in the world around us, the contraction in spending and hard lessons around resources to see how it’s already playing out. We may hear more loudly about what is missing or broken in our lives, as Mercury broadcasts these messages more widely. I’ll write more later, but meanwhile you may like to watch our Water Trio episode on this conjunction.
  • Triggers to Uranus in Taurus will also happen all through this time, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all allow a chance to speak through them. Times of excitement and restlessness may be felt, or anxiety as we face the changes that are happening without our choice. Cracks in the façade allow the light through, and that is your chance to know yourself right now, in this moment in time. Dates include 22,25 & 31 December, plus 16 & 18 January.

A quick summary of the month ahead for your rising sign:

Aries – The push-pull continues between public and home life as recent themes come back to the fore, reminding you of July’s tension. Remember lesson’s learned then, and perhaps digging into ancestral stories and lineage work can bring you back to your roots.

Power date = 3/1, Dates to watch = 26/12, 12/1

Taurus – These next weeks will highlight communications, and the need to keep focused on the smaller picture rather than expansive ideas. Those closest offer insight, and the Uranus transits could bring restlessness or an urge to let go or break free of constraining idealism.

Power date = 14/1, Dates to watch = 22/12, 25-26/12, 12/1

Gemini – You’re used to falling back on your own resources this year, and this month helps build another layer in your boundaries around how much to give to others and what to keep for yourself. Clearing the decks of debts and future financial planning are both productive for you.

Power date = 14/1, Dates to watch = 22/12, 25-26/12, 12/1

Cancer – hopefully Jupiter has been sending some ease your way, though the coming eclipses ask for more to be thrown on the proverbial fire. This year has been a test by fire, honing your resilience and inner strength. Use that now to stand for yourself in your relationships, and insist on the respect you deserve.

Power dates = 28/12 & 6/1, Dates to watch = 25-26/12, 10-12/1

Leo – Triggers to Uranus bring up urges to let go of conventions and just be yourself, while the eclipses cause further rumblings in your daily life and well-being. If feeling stressed or anxious, stick with a simple routine as your foundation and prioritise time alone, especially during the “time tunnel” of the eclipse period.

Power date = 28/12, Dates to watch = 25-26/12, 13-14/1

Virgo – You’re feeling stabilised with the focus on Capricorn, all that earthiness suits you well. For you, the shake up comes around all your pleasurable creative outlets and if you can let go of them for the needs of your larger world. Friends, community, the whole of humanity – ideas you’ve had here are calling for your attention and you’ve only got so much energy to give.

Power date = 14/1, Dates to watch = 22/12, 25-26/12, 12/1

Libra – Homelife, family, your roots – the spotlight here is brightening again, and as it’s not new you already know what to do, you just needed Jupiter in Capricorn to offer a shot of confidence. Letting go of expectations on yourself and others can open up the freedom to be out in the world more.

Power date = 14/1, Dates to watch = 22/12, 25-26/12, 12/1

Scorpio – Change is inevitable, especially in the realm of human emotions, and this year has brought its share of surprises. Relationship shake-ups have brought to home to those closest to you, and working out just who you can trust. Taking a broader view of circumstances will alleviate some pressure, seeing it as a phase within a larger cycle.

Power date = 3/1, Dates to watch = 26/12, 12/1

Sagittarius – Jupiter in Capricorn is bringing some joy to your coffers, which have felt dry in the last year, and letting go of outdated spending habits and budgeting ideas will serve you in the long term. Help comes from others at the moment, and it’s well deserved, and if handled well won’t impinge on your need to be independent.

Power date = 28/12, Dates to watch = 25-26/12, 9/1 & 12/1

Capricorn – It’s all about you this month, and not in a way to say get out there but as a choose your own adventure kind of way. If you want to do Christmas, then do it your way, even if that’s quietly on your own. The key is to rest but not isolate completely, the soothing balm you need lies in the right relationships.

Power date = 14/1, Dates to watch = 25-26/12, 12-13/1

Aquarius – trying to shut your eyes tight and hope it will all pass you by? You’re the one sign who could get away with it, but it’s better to dance with the devil than let him work behind your back. Face those inner voices, your monkey mind, and put it up on trial against logic and reason. Here lies a path of confidence you didn’t know you needed.

Power date = 14/1, Dates to watch = 25-26/12, 12-13/1

Pisces – You’ve worked so hard for others this year, trying to bring back humanity to the world around you. And yet it may have felt like a losing battle, but your personal creative spark ripples out further than you know. If you’re drained, dive into pleasure or follow your passion to renew yourself.

Power date = 28/12, Dates to watch = 25-26/12, 9/1 & 12/1

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