Sagittarius Season 2019 – Letting in the light

The Sun moved into Sagittarius in the early morning hours here in Australia, and boy, hasn’t that mood shifted? As the Sun joins both Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, we have the three most benefic planets in this optimistic, hopeful sign. Lifting our eyes from the navel gazing of Scorpio Season is like slipping on a new pair of glasses – different perspectives come into view and we can suddenly see the world in a whole new way.

After the internal searchings of the recent Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, so much has been brought to light. We know ourselves more now, understand more about what drives us, what we need to feel fulfilled and what we can live without. What did you learn down there, in the depths of your soul? What goes down must come up, and this shows even in the glyphs. Scorpio dips down and up, down and up, and finally down to turn upwards, ready to be the Sagittarian arrow fired towards the stars.

Sagittarius Season entreats us to look upwards – towards the Universe, seeking truth, purpose and meaning.

Recovery in a twelve step program (AA, Al Anon) requires a higher connection, some understanding of a higher power or divine presence, in whatever form that looks like to each individual. This is the road away from the darkness of addiction, isolation and grief. To know we are not alone, to feel faith that something else has our back, to know we don’t have to be in control; and trust something else to have a greater plan we cannot recognise. Here lies trust and belief as well as confidence, not only in something higher but then also in ourselves and the special purpose we have in that greater plan.

This Sagittarius Season is like a two act play as the ruler of Sagittarius changes signs on 1 December, and I wonder if the Universe gave us this for a reason? After the year we’ve had, the analogy I’m coming to is a house renovation. The wallpaper is stripped, the carpet ripped up, walls knocked down and even holes put in others for new windows – all with the purpose of letting in the light. Now the room is bare and a shaft of light pours in through the new space. Suddenly we see what all sweat and tears has achieved, and our hearts are fit to burst with excitement. The lightness, the openness, the freedom inspires us forwards. We can all take the enlivening influence while Jupiter remains in Sagittarius and bottle it under that New Moon in Sagittarius. And use it to as we put our noses to the grindstone with Jupiter in Capricorn, invigorated by the vision that we saw and holding our purpose in mind.

So what metaphorical house have you been pulling apart? And where are you now seeing the light? Bottle that, hold onto it, either through writing, creative outlets, magical rituals or just sharing your plans with a loved one. Its radiance can guide the construction of new assemblies towards wisdom and understanding – a Jupiter in Capricorn gift.

What’s ahead?

As Venus conjunct Jupiter tomorrow (Sunday 24th) we have the King and the Queen meeting in the sky. It’s a day for magic and miracles, as we unite to follow our ideals and share with a partner or friend about exciting future possibilities. The sky is the limit, so explore to your heart’s content and get ready for what is possible. It’s also a day for pleasure, whatever that looks like for you; romantic adventures, luxurious experiences, make it a day for joy and play. Mars opposes Uranus in the hours just after, so there may be friction or fireworks, but try instead to break through stale areas in your life or relationship and find a new joy and hope.

New Moon in Sagittarius is a chance to bottle a magical elixir to boost us in the more serious and heavy times of Jupiter in Capricorn. Intentions set in this period can have far reaching ripples, as future reaching Sagittarius dream big and loud. If you’d like to know more about working with this New Moon, join me for my next New Moon Gathering on Tuesday 26 November.

Then Jupiter moves into Capricorn on 1/2 December for the first time in 12 years. I have written a free ebook with general tips and insights on this transit, which I will release in the next few days. Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter (via my website) to receive this.

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