Libra Astrology Forecast 2018 – Bringing back balance

Welcome to #libraseason2018. Libra is all about finding a balance but, with its ruler Venus in powerhouse Scorpio, this month is all active balance, like walking a tightrope or dancing en pointe. There will be joy, there will be angst, but most of all we are being asked to focus on the Future ahead and carefully place one foot in front of the other to get there. As the famous philosopher, Winnie the Pooh, says “I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been”. The light at the end of the tunnel is Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius in early Nov, and that will lighten the load for many of us, especially the #scorpiogang – Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, and Scorpio can be intense!

Often the Sun in Libra is all Venus with her fairness, harmony and equality, but this year it comes with more serious tones. As the Sun moves into Libra on Sunday 23 September, it immediately hits a blockade in the form of Saturn in Capricorn. It’s reminding us to be committed to what we esteem, value and care about, who we want to relate to, who we want to love and be loved by. We can’t sit on the fence our whole life, waiting for something or someone else to make a decision for us. Libra offers a view of both side of the debate, but it doesn’t mean we can stay out of things because the human is driven to connect, to relate, to participate in life. We can use Saturn’s strong powers of reason to logic out where we should stand and who with. And remember, not making a decision is a choice in itself!

Next up on Tuesday 25 September at 12:51 pm AEST, is the Full Moon in Aries, square Saturn, and this is quickly followed by Mars conjunct the South Node (for the last, for now anyway, phew)! So it’s best if I share a story with you to clarify all this energy. We live in a rural area so we have tank water. As amazing as it is to taste and bathe in, it also gave us parasites. Yep, like you get when you travel to third world countries and accidentally drink the water! So we emptied the tank, scrubbed it out and left the top off to allow the sun’s heat to purify it all. Then a pretty serious filter had to be installed to continue to clear out what can harm us – a UV filter. It literally uses the high energy light (like those that give us sunburn) to kill those pesky microorganisms so we can now happily drink our water! Think of this full moon in Aries as a UV filter for what flows into our life, if we use it wisely. Try reflecting on all that has been stirred up since May with Mars retrograde and the South Node. Under this full moon energy give yourself time to dwell on it, journal about it, generally be conscious of it and write out a list of all you want to filter out. Then BURN the list, imagining all those things you don’t want going up in the flames of purification, this fiery Aries moon. Releasing this gives us the space to focus on what we really want to grow with Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius in November. And we can also use the Saturn energy to create new, long-lasting habits that support our envisioned path, instead of falling back into the trap of old habits.

On the Friday 28 September, the Moon moves into Taurus, connecting with Uranus there, and then onto Venus opposite in Scorpio. Both these signs are about living in the moment, and to live like that a balance must be struck. Balance is defined as the state when things are equal in weight or force and this is the time to really focus on what areas of our lives need rebalancing after the last few months? Uranus has certainly shaken things up and given many new insights into their lives and where imbalance lies. Taurus calls for being in the moment, being connected to what is real, so what needs to be moved so this can happen regularly for you?

Scorpio begins to be a focus as Venus slows towards her retrograde in this sign on Friday 5 October. Just know the ground we are treading right now will be revisited again down the track. It may feel like déjà vu from the last few months with Mars retrograde, yet a different territory in our lives is being given the spotlight, one that is at odds with what Mars focused us in on. Mars in Aquarius was asking us to stay neutral and detached but Venus in Scorpio draws us into deep waters, of intimacy, trust and vulnerability. Now is time to delve into the hidden in ourselves and our loved ones, as the connections we are drawn towards will only strengthen when we are genuine, honest and open –Scorpio will ask for total trust too so make sure it is with someone who respects and values you. One pattern coming up with clients and friends at the moment is dealing with shame and vulnerability, shame as the dark side of self that once explored allows in the light of the vulnerability and the courage it takes to stand in that space.

Venus retrograde can also be old relationships returned, or old styles of relating brought to light. Scorpio offers a chance to transform those, to be reborn into a new quality of relating and a new way of loving… it could be a time to consciously explore how you want to be as a partner rather than focusing on the kind of partner you would like to attract. We all know like attracts like, so it’s a time to become the partner you want to have and hold, whether you are single or committed, as our relationships are often only a mirror of ourselves.

The New Moon in Libra then occurs on Tuesday 9 October, at 2.48pm AEST, and brings even more of a focus to this area of relationships – how do we relate to ourselves? To others? Can we cooperate? Share? Are we able to put ourselves in another’s shoes? This is a time to make intentions around improving how we relate to the rest of the world.

The Scorpio energy intensifies Wednesday 10 October as Mercury and the Moon join in on the fun within 4 hours, and of cou,rse oppose Uranus. Both our minds and our emotions are immersed in the space that only Scorpio offers, that place of rebirth and transformation, though with a bit more chaos than usual. Obsessive thinking and emotional fireworks are both possible, but so is the opening up of the inner parts and finding new insights while dwelling deep inside. It’s all about where we choose to place our laser focus. Will you be consumed with who said what to who? Become fascinated by research into your next steps? Or dig into some profound mysteries of life? Choices like these on the table and only we can steer the ship in which direction. The point is to feel which way to go, not just use our head.

Venus and Mars continue their dance of tension and discord, meeting for a strained reunion on Thursday 11 October. The motto here is “know thyself” and if friction is happening again in relationships then we need to know what is real and what doesn’t belong. Boundaries may be tested, and feelings frazzled, just know compromise and understanding are healing balms at times like this, just don’t lose sight of what you want while trying to support someone else as mutuality is key to true relationships. Even the Sun square Pluto on Saturday 13 October will give more of this feeling of being pulled one way or another by forces higher than ourselves. You can try to drop anchor in a sheltered place but stay close to shore – if the waters are too deep you get in over your head in power struggles and ego clashes at this time.

Other than some times of confusion and numbing out on Friday 21 October, the last days of Libra season pass fairly uneventfully, though rumblings will be felt towards the big changes ahead – Jupiter into Sagittarius, the nodes moving into Cancer and Capricorn, and one more Mercury retrograde! Then we’ll have a few months clear of all retrograde action… now won’t that feel different?!

Wishing you much success in your search for balance!


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