Sagittarius Season – Your Horoscope

Now that I’m part of the weekly Water Trio podcast, where we discuss all the astrology energy each week, it’s made these monthly astro energy posts a bit redundant. So I’ve decided instead to offer monthly horoscopes for each sign, with specifics on how to use the New Moon on 7 December (5.20pm Brisbane, 6.20pm Sydney). This is best read with your rising sign, though it works for your Sun as well. If you don’t know your rising sign, contact me with your time, date and place of birth and I’ll let you know what it is. I’d love your feedback, so please comment below on how you find the new format.

So without further ado, here is Sagittarius Season for…


Now that your ruling planet, Mars, has finally shifted out of his over-extended 5 month sojourn in Aquarius, there is a fresh feeling in the air, an excitement and anticipation of what’s ahead. It will be travelling through Pisces until January, and you’ll be drawn to playing with all things watery – it may be the beach, or your emotions, spiritual connections, perhaps even testing out your intuition. Enjoy the flowing vibe this offers you, let go of your need to push ahead with your own agenda and instead allow the currents to take you where they may. Around December 7th this will be especially true, as a conjunction with Neptune has you delving into your artistic or spiritual side – fighting for a cause or becoming passionate about an artistic project.

The New Moon is also on the 7th and it’s a great time to set intentions around all things foreign – overseas travel, meeting people from other cultures or even expanding your religious or spiritual horizons. 26 November will show you some inklings about how these adventures will play out over the next year, so follow on this track with your intentions for real expansion of your horizons.

Uranus has also moved back into your sign, so some of the unrest of the last 7 years is back but it is only here until early March. There may be some anxiety or concern, but you can see it as a final chance to find out who you are, what your needs are now, and how you can express yourself more authentically. The Moon will highlight this on 18 December, so use it’s insights to show you the way.


Now Uranus has taken a short hiatus away from your sign, the ground-shaking and turmoil that’s been around since May will settle down until early March 2019. 30 November and 1 December is a time to take stock of what has been shifted and then prepare for the next 7 years ahead. Look at how can you harness the change period consciously so it’s energy is directed towards your own intentions instead running amok where you don’t want it?

Your ruling planet, Venus, has started gliding forwards again and you feel a new momentum and sense of peace. When she moves back into Scorpio on 3 December you’ll have one last chance to pull up the internal rug and make sure nothing important has been swept under there that could impact on your relationships. She’ll be sweetening your relationship sector into early January, and in those deep discussions and intimate connections you’ll find the real joy that your partnership can bring to you both. Venus can be reflective, so do remember it takes two to tango and take time understand what part you may have been playing in recent issues. Forgiveness is easy when you start with forgiving yourself.

The optimism of Jupiter in Sagittarius isn’t so easily accessed for you, as you need to delve into hidden depths to find gems. Any themes around 26 November will shine a light on what opportunities lie in store for you, and don’t be afraid to follow them down the rabbit hole… who knows where inner adventures may take you over the next 12 months?


The full moon in your sign kicks off the month on 23 November, with a really playful energy that will have you flitting about like the social butterfly you are – perfect for the weekend ahead. Now that Jupiter is settling into Sagittarius, relationships of all kinds are starting to bring you gifts and some real gems may land in your lap on 26 November that will plant seeds for the year ahead. Mercury’s current backtracks in this area mean you may feel a little more socially clumsy or just can’t find the right words to say to loved ones, save it until the 27th when your words will carry real power and connection. However from 13 December you’ll feel renewed confidence, connection and joy with your loved ones, be they intimate partners, close friends, or even business partners.

The New Moon in your relationship area on 7 December is a time to set intentions on the type of intimates you wish to attract, and how you yourself can be the best possible partner as this energy flows on through the whole of 2019. Mercury retrograde always affects you more, being your ruling planet, so from now until 7 December just make sure you check, double check everything you say, write or sign.

If you’re feeling restless and aching for change, use Mercury’s dive back into Scorpio between 2-13 December to look underneath and find what’s driving that. Take yourself off transmit and onto receive, be it with people around you or even the Universe and what it’s trying to tell you. Take time to dwell within Gemini, there are treasures there!


The winds of change are blowing for you this month. The recent move of the North Node into your sign has attracted some interesting opportunities to grow, stretch and evolve… the question now is which ones are most suitable? You have a strong intuition, and you’ll get some clear messages about what the future may hold as the Moon touches this point on Tuesday 27 November. It’ll be a fine balance between holding onto what has kept you safe in the past, and following your yearning towards new horizons.

Saturn has been changing your external landscape since December 2017, causing you to really let go of relationships and patterns that no longer fits. If you’ve done that work well, the soil is now fertile and something new can be grounded into your life that offers longevity and the strong anchor you long for.

You also have some nudges from Uranus, checking that the changes you made to your career or public imagine since 2010 are still in place and working well for you. Take these last months, until early March 2019, to put in place any final refinements. The Moon will highlight this on the 18 December so stay sharp for any insights at this time.

Talking about the Moon, the New Moon in Sagittarius on 7 December offers you a chance to put out some wishes around your health and life routines. If you are looking to implement new regimes into your life, or find more discipline around fitness or eating habits, this is the time to do it. It’s also a beautiful time to set intentions towards being of practical service, perhaps something simple like volunteering your time and skills to help others, bringing great fulfilment to your caring, nurturing side.


The Sun in a fire sign always increases your mojo, and you’ll be ready to party as Sagittarius season aligns with the silly season. It’s been a tricky year for the fixed signs, and despite the chaos you’ve learnt a lot about your role in your family and your role in the public domain. Now is the time to blow off a bit of steam.

For you, this is a time of year when your creative juices really flow so getting your teeth into a creative project will help you connect to yourself and your ambitions for 2019 as this year of crazy draws to a close. Jupiter has started to bring a focus to creating and the seeds are being planted now for a bigger focus in the year ahead. If you have ideas of what you want to do, 26-28 November is the perfect time to share them. If not, then this time may show you the direction ahead. The point to remember is it’s all about being with the creative process itself, not focusing on the end goal, enjoying playing with your creative medium and being in the moment with it. This is where wisdom and insight drops in from above. There is also much joy in connecting with children at this time, and just playing around, as you enjoy what the celebration season brings to the child-like lives in us all.

If there are any last tricky conversations to be had with family members, perhaps a hang over from events in late October, be ready for open and honest dialogue 7-13 December to get the point across in a clear and respectful way. There is a lot of past you share, and keeping things clean ensures that what you share in the future serves you all.


The current Mercury retrograde may have you off your usually well-ordered game, with mishaps and miscommunications happening along with a feeling of vagueness foreign to your analytical mind. Let’s just say this is a time to be less practical, and to let go of the steering wheel for a while and see what comes from the beauty of surrendering. All’s well that ends well.

The full moon in Gemini on 23 November is a chance for you to see to fullness a work project, and the New Moon on 7 December bring you back to the joy of home and hearth. Setting clear intentions at this time will support you for the year ahead, as the New Moon aligns with Jupiter who then carries your wishes to fruition. Think home, family, security and nurturing yet all imbued with a sense of optimism, belief and adventure. Interestingly, there are new encounters from within your social circles offer glimpses of the future purpose you wish for, one that can satisfy long-held hopes for a better world. Aligning with like-minded people right now will bring you the next steps in your travels towards those goals, where your drive towards helping others and living a good life is fulfilled. Just remember, there will be a balance between home and work for you in the year ahead, so start out well in the way you wish to continue.

If there is a restlessness or irritations within relationships, seek to find clarity and clear up any misconceptions. Mars here can cause frustration, but when used well, he can drive you forward together as a purposeful unit in creating a peaceful world.


Venus, your ruler, is still in your sign and has finally broken free of her retrograde motion. She starts this Sagittarius season with a bounce in her step and a smile on her face, looking to unify together in harmony all she meets. You’ll be shining with her light in the first days of the month as she aligns with Spica, the fixed star of protection, wisdom and fortune, so as you radiate love and harmony, so will you attract the same to yourself. She’ll slip back into the deep waters of Scorpio on 3 December, and as she revisits the ground she covered in September and October you may find yourself doing the same. It’s a time to make sure you’re speaking your truth and being as open as possible, go for vulnerability rather than hiding your secrets as that is the way towards the equality and justice you always seek.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on 7 December offers up a chance to set your monthly intentions towards growth – topics such as communication, exploration or learning are all suitable ground in which to plant the seeds of your wishes. It is also a territory for connection to the Goddess or feminine, if that is something you aim to be more in tune with. It’s a time to connect with the women close to you to find what partnerships of this type can offer. The seeds sown now will blossom not only in the month ahead but for the whole of 2019, as Jupiter offers his magic towards this planting.

Uranus has recently travelled back with his special brand of tumult to check in on your relationships, just one last trip before moving into Taurus completely in March 2019. It won’t have the upheaval or anxiety that it has held on recent years (since 2010) but it is one last chance to check that your relationships are reflective of your authentic self. Is there any old relationship baggage that needs to be ejected so you can fully embrace where you are now? What can you offer to the reform of Uranus consciously?


Are you breathing a sigh of relief as all the action has moved away for now? Have you had enough of the intensity of the year that has focused so thoroughly on Scorpio? As Venus takes her final steps through your sign until October next year, how are you going to bring this year to a close? What final treasures will you plumb the depths of your soul for? The beauty of this time, compared to September and October just gone, is that your ruler Mars is now in support in watery Pisces, switching your intuition back up to full. Trust your instincts and know that they are showing you what you need to see, even if you don’t have the full picture. Just be careful not to make it personal, as it rarely ever is. Stay cool and calm, and try to see the bigger picture and your place in it. It’s one last chance for Venus to offer a healing salve to you and those around you.

Mar’s shift into Pisces on 16 November felt like slipping into a cooling ocean for you, comfortable, calm and peaceful after the tense and unsettling energy it’s been bringing to your home and family life. If used carefully, this transit through Pisces offers you a chance to connect to creating in a dynamic or active way. Any creative project you may have shelved can be brought back out to and given your full attention as you refocus your passion. Or perhaps reconnecting with children or even a time of romance are what this can embody, so enjoy it as you go with the lovely flow of this energy until early January.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on 7 December is a chance to refill the coffers in a way, and work on your values, including your value for yourself. Put aside that inner critic that likes to sit astride your back, as you reflect on all you have to offer the world and what you hold dear.


You’re smack bang in the middle of all the Jupiter action at the moment, as your ruling planet moves into your sign and brings with it all his inspired confidence and belief. Mercury backtracking through your sign has brought about his share of misunderstandings and mishaps, but you have probably taken it in your stride as part of the adventure. From 18 December, when Jupiter is moves away from the shadow of the Sun, things are set to expand even further to see try to see the time until then as a chance to quietly sense what is needed in 2019 and how you can best achieve all you hope for without taking on too much or over-extending yourself. The wind really is beneath your wings, and you’ll be able to tap into your natural confidence and soar up to the heights you love.

After the trials and hard-work of 2016/17, now is when you put to good use all the wisdom and maturity you earned at that time. See those years as foundation years, like a farmer tilling the field, aerating the ground and removing the rocks. The seeds you plant now, in that well-prepared soil, are the start of a new 12 year cycle for you, so its best to take the time to choose the right seeds that will help you, as an individual, grow in the best direction.

The New Moon on 7 December offers the perfect time to dwell with this and then write out those intentions that will set you up for the year ahead. It’s all about you this New Moon, around how you can assert yourself into the world, go after what you need and create opportunities where you put yourself first. If you are not promoting you into the world, then who else can?


You’re not feeling the optimist vibe of Jupiter in Sagittarius so much at the moment as Saturn is grinding through your own sign, and yet that isn’t such a trial for you. His effects of seriousness, wisdom and maturity are right up your alley, and when the south node joined in here on 7 November it called you to look to the past to see have far you’ve come and what tools you’ve brought with you. Do you like what you see? Do you need to hone anything? The south node causes a yearning towards a higher purpose or even spiritual purpose, and when it’s in your sign along with Saturn, it offers a chance to come back to basics. So while Saturn may have things leaving your life, it’s in the loss that what is truly important comes into focus. The Moon moving through your sign on from 9-11 December will highlight this for you, giving you little signs as to where more work may need to be done – just don’t fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed by what you see, one foot in front of the other is how you can climb the tallest peak. This is the work of a lifetime that just happens to be more in focus now.

When you take time out for retreat at the moment, you will be feel Jupiter’s support flowing in your hidden depths. When you give yourself that time you’ll have a different kind of wisdom drop in, not one earned through physical experience but one offered through connection. For you, the New Moon on the 7 December is a chance to set intentions around this theme of retreat and inner reflection, so you can carry that contentedness and openness to higher wisdom into the year ahead. If you can spend 2019 really connecting with your inner world and clearing out what no longer fits, with your trademark discipline and focus, the opportunities of 2020 will offer you so much reward.


This has been a year of big shifts and change for you, with Mars moving back and forth in your sign you may have learnt a lot about yourself, your desires and passions, and been more able to put yourself first more than before. Now it’s time to check in on your relationships to see what re-balance they might need, and if there is any repair to be done.

While Venus is still in Libra until 2 December is the best time to reconnect and bring things together, to offer or ask for forgiveness if it’s needed. There has also been a focus on your professional or public life this year, and when Venus slips back into Scorpio for the rest of year she offers a chance for some last benefits in this area, including financial ones.

November 26 will show you just how you can bring your dreams of a better future into play over the next year, as Jupiter moves through your House of Good Fortune. While you like to do things your way, it’s time to join up with others of like mind as the power of the collective working together is so much more. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost in the crowd, it’s actually your uniqueness that is needed for the task at hand so if you can show up with authenticity and all will be well. You can use the New Moon on 7 December to put your visions in place for the year ahead. Bring in themes of what can be achieved when you join forces with others who share your ideals towards a common purpose.


The Full Moon on 23 November is a beautiful energy for you, reconnecting you to home and family. You may see yourself filling the space with friends, laughter and joy – perfect energy as we slip on into the festive season ahead.

Your ruling planet Jupiter may already be presenting career opportunities to you, so ready yourself for a year of expansion in this area of your life. It’s a time to say yes to opportunities work wise and step into centre stage, but just make sure you can actually deliver. The Sun joining Jupiter here on 26 November offers real power towards your career goals, so try to make the most of what comes your way that day while knowing it is just a taster for the year ahead. The New Moon on 7 December is a wonderful opportunity to focus on your goals here and make sure they are aligned with your abilities, values and principles.

With Mars finally coming in your sign in the last week, you’re finding it easier to focus on your own needs and assert yourself forward into the world. While it may not be a comfortable energy for you, just remember that you are just as special as everyone else and there is no point hiding your light – it is needed in the world right now. Take all the energy Mars will be giving you until early January and funnel it into your own projects and passions! Just keep an eye on your relationships as this shift in focus may leave others feeling out in the cold – warm words and reassurance will go a long way to healing this. When Mars joins Neptune on 7 December, clarity may come around your dreams and you’ll be reinvigorated in pursuing them.

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