Mars Retrograde 2022

One of the main signatures for the end of the year is Mars retrograde through Gemini. It enters the initial phase of this, the shadow period, on 4 September, and I’ve just uploaded a video about it on my YT channel. I discuss Mars in Gemini energy, the different phases and timings of this retrograde and offer tips on how to navigate it well. I also explore the square to Neptune and how it adds a bucket of cold water onto all of this through much of it in late October and early November.

I did forget to bring up an important point during the video – the constantly spinning mind and verbal diarrhoea of Mars in Gemini getting amplified under this Mars-going-haywire retrograde energy. Using whatever methods you can to slow the monkey mind and turn it inwards will be hugely beneficial – meditation, breathwork, somatic therapy, polyvagal tools. I’ll share some of these in a follow up video closer to the retrograde itself.


Alicia x

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