Pisces New Moon

12 Pisces – 3 March at 3.34 am Brisbane, and 2 March at 5.34 pm London 12.34 pm Eastern and 9.34 am Pacific

The next 24 hours hold complicated energy, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, know you’re not alone.

The sensitivity of Pisces is amplified by the Sun’s travails through this area of our charts, and while tomorrow morning’s New Moon does hold joyful promise, it’s joined by the deep focus of Mercury meeting Saturn with the powerful build of Mars’ meeting Pluto, for the last time in Capricorn as Pluto moves into Aquarius next year. They last met in March 2020 and we all know where that ended up. Mars rules plagues, wars, and irrationality, with Pluto intensifying and empowering its domain. Venus is looking on and trying to help, but there’s only so much coolness and calm she can pour on these heated waters.

So my suggestion is to understand your empathy is heightened and your unconscious side closer to the surface than usual. 100 years ago news didn’t pervade us like it does today, and it causes stress and anxiety that is contagious. Being careful of what you consume, physically, mentally, and energetically, will help you navigate these choppy waters. Feeling compassion for a situation doesn’t mean you need to soak yourself in it. Actually, what is required is cool heads and calm hearts so that energy is more available for others.

My suggestion, let the compassion and sympathy of this Pisces New Moon guide you to act where you can make a difference and try to control only what’s in your power. Other than that, trust and believe that all can be, and will be, well when kindness and goodness is put into the world. Humanity is in all of us, it’s an essential element we are born with. When we allow it to guide us and look for it in others, it often rises to the fore even when unexpected. Higher things are at work as well, and they can’t work in stress or heat, or irrationality. If you find optimism hard to connect to right now, watch this TED talk on choosing optimism and the benefits that choice brings

And if escape, fantasy, or imagination beckons, go forth. Or perhaps mediation and spiritual pursuits speak to you now. Taking time out fills our tanks and allows healing, it’s not letting another down but allowing yourself to be ready and available when you’re needed.


Due to the very Pisces flooding events here, I haven’t been able to record my usual video. If you’re needing an anchor in the flooding energy, my Lunar Landscapes therapy group starts next Monday, you can find out more here.

1 thought on “Pisces New Moon”

  1. Tricia Ialeggio

    Hi Alicia
    I responded particularly well to your comment, “Taking time out fills our tanks and allows healing, it’s not letting another down but allowing yourself to be ready and available when you’re needed.” It sounds to me like ‘Responsibility’, or as I’ve come to know it, Respondability.

    I find your words offer an uplifting perspective on some old beliefs/patterns that function in my Land of Shoulds. When I’m focused on taking care of myself, there is no ‘falling short’ of others expectations, and I find myself open and available to what Life is bringing my way. I am able to Respond authentically in and to the moment. No matter what it is that Life is bringing me.

    Thank you!

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