Planetary Days: Saturdays and Saturn

You’ve heard me talking about planetary days and hours in astrological magic, and quite a few of you have had questions about it. So I thought to spend the week ahead exploring the ruler of each day and how we can work more consciously with its energy to have more flow in our lives.

Normally, it’s hard to do in our Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 routine. However these unusual times encourage the start of new times, and working in concert with the planets could be a better way to live. In traditional astrology, the planetary days start at sunrise, and the planet ruling the hour at sunrise has its energy carried with the sun throughout the day. So on Saturdays, Saturn rules the hour at sunrise, and his steady, practical nature is carried through the day.

Saturn wants to WORK it, and I often wonder why Saturdays aren’t part of our working week. His discipline and focus is well suited to achieving challenging tasks or digging in to push past obstacles in our way. Business leaders I respect talk about working for a few hours on a Saturday when they can focus without distractions of meetings, emails or their teams – this sums Saturn up perfectly.

Saturn is all about boundaries and the discipline we draw on to enforce them, so Saturdays are perfect for this work. Perhaps you need to stop an unhealthy habit, or draw a toxic relationship to a close, try Saturdays to start doing this work, especially when the Moon is in a waxing phase (New through to Gibbous). Saturn rules our skeleton, and he offers the inner resolve to stand against something, to say no. Or it could a day when we accept reality and work within our limitations, finding practical solutions.

We do see Saturn in today’s world – his discipline shows up in Saturday sports, and carrying out our responsibilities in household chores and domestic duties. Saturdays are perfect for cleaning, shopping, mowing and maintenance duties around the house, leaving the rest of our weekend free to relax and enjoy life. There’s nothing worse than trying to get work done under the celebratory energy of Sundays! Saturday is also perfect for weddings, underlining the longevity and commitment required in marriage.

Saturn is the hard taskmaster, calling up our endurance and resilience to face fears and overcome challenges. Perhaps you’re facing a task you feel is insurmountable, or you’ve been putting off a long-term project in the face of smaller needs. Try using Saturdays to get started, to break it apart into achievable pieces that give some satisfaction when you tick each off. Saturn reaps what is sows, so tenacity and focus offer achievement and respect when Saturn is in the mix.

Talking about respect, Saturn speaks from authority. There is an energy of seriousness, composure and dignity, so use Saturdays if you need to exude this energy, for example speaking, presenting or lecturing. He also has cautious, austere energy that is slow and determined, so Saturdays make for careful long-term planning, budgeting or forecasting.

Wearing black or navy blue on Saturday’s honours his energy, I make dark blue jeans or black dresses my Saturday uniform. And the fun part? Mercury rules Saturday nights, so once all the work is done the light-hearted fun can start.

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