Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 2020

15 Sagittarius – 5.12am Brisbane, 8.12pm London, 3.12pm Eastern & 12.12pm Pacific

How many of you are feeling utterly drained yet strangely energised as well? I know I am, this feeling of exhaustion with electricity running through my veins is so very eclipse. Yes, you heard right, we’re coming into an eclipse window in a few hours and this one lasts longer than usual as we have three eclipses happening in a row, so it will be stretched out over a month.

I’ve been talking about the nodes changing sign for a while, and this is the first eclipse to really light that up. Happening as a lunar (full moon) eclipse on the South Node (Ketu) it brings a spiritual feeling that can come from cleaning out and purging. Think like getting to the core of ourselves when all the external trappings are pulled away. Who are we when status, money, power, social norms are pulled away? What is the human in its normal habitat? Beyond this prison of technology and concrete that we’ve built in the name of culture?

There’s so much I could say but I’m keeping this brief, in honour of this stripping away and also acknowledging it been a huge few weeks – emotionally, mentally and physically – so much has been going on. There is so much I want to say, but right now it’s time to be quiet. This eclipse straddles Gemini and Sagittarius, what I call the axis of understanding. Sagittarius is about freedom and liberation, but we’re now realising the costs that has come at. On a world stage, white races are waking up to the fact that our freedoms have created deprivations for many others. Personally, one area of freedom may not feel so free any longer. And that’s not true freedom.

I’ve been saying for weeks now that Gemini is as much about receive as it is about transmit. So I am trying to use Gemini’s gift for communication to listen, and listen hard. What you choose to listen to is up to you. For me, I’m staying quiet so black voices can speak. We can also stay quiet to allow a voice for our inner lives. Or perhaps in our relationships, active listening can help connective communication. At core, it does mean removing the noise, the opinions and the rants, trying to hear what is needed instead of what we want.

This eclipse also squares Mars in Pisces, which inflames and activates the purging energy. If you’d like to mitigate the effects of this transit, can I suggest this South Node ritual to try, it worked wonders for me last year. Look to the house this eclipse fall in to understand what is being drained. You could also try:
– Salt bath (sea salt, not Epsom salts) or swim in the ocean
– Fasting
– Donating money to an important cause
– Energetic or space clearing
– Aura cleanse
– Culling noise on your social media feeds
– Meditating on your priorities and how you can align more with them

Please note: it’s not a manifesting time, the energy is too chaotic for anything to be heard clearly – like speaking through static.

Finally, if you’d like to delve deeper into all of this I have a webinar for sale that delves into the longer cycle of the node through Gemini/Sagittarius and also talks about the coming eclipses, you can find it here on my website.

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