Scorpio Solar eclipse – Oct ’22

2 Scorpio – 25 Oct at 8.49pm Brisbane, 9.49pm Sydney, 11.49am London, 6.49am Eastern and 3.49am Pacific

The eeriness of eclipse season to set to begin again, with the coming Scorpio New Moon forming a Solar Eclipse. As the Moon throws its shadow over the Sun, our feelings and emotions take centre stage and force our consciousness into the wings. Playing out in the deeply intuitive and intense arena of Scorpio, inner currents from deep places well towards the surface. What will come a’ knocking? Feelings you’re concealing from yourself and others, intuitive sensing you’re not trusting or toxicity in your life suddenly producing symptoms you can no longer ignore.

There are a few places in the ocean this happens regularly, such as the west coast of South America. Things long hidden in the fathoms of the ocean come to the surface during La Nina, offering sustenance to the creatures of the light. While the waters may seem fetid and murky to us, fish flourish with the enriched food source, seabirds feast, their guano feeds the local plant life and in general life surges! So, I’m going to suggest that while it could be painful, this is rich, fertile ground for growth.

It’s the second lunation in a row ruled by Mars, slowly grinding to a halt in Gemini before its retrograde, it’s urging us to explore martial themes, such as assertion, conflict, willpower and anger. Being a South Node eclipse in detoxifying Scorpio, it’s a profound opportunity to purge martial traits we no longer wish to own or live into. Or release your fears of the shadows of Mars to claim his positive qualities of boldness, courage and assertion more easily. Doing this now can make the Mars retrograde period ahead more fruitful in understanding what to slice away and focusing on what you want. The changes this eclipse brings could happen within the month before, or up to three months afterwards, and considering Mars turns direct in January, I believe you’ll see action moving forwards from mid to late January.

Venus is at the same degree as this eclipse, so there is a soothing balm available to heal support, though it may come in an uncomfortable package as your vulnerability leave you raw. Try turning to a close female friend, or trusting in connection to the deep, instinctive feminine Venus in Scorpio portrays. A caution though – Mars is squaring Neptune, so fantasy and deviousness are possible here. If things seem too good to be true, do use Scorpio’s x-ray vision to examine the motives of yourself and others.

Some areas to delve into under this intensity?

  • Scorpio and control are regular bedfellows, so explore where you may be controlling too much, often due to feeling unsafe. The surge and pressure deep ocean remind us that even with the biggest tanker, control is an illusion.
  • Drama and crisis are fallbacks for us to avoid painful feelings, so notice what feels dramatic now and slide underneath and shine a light in deeper spaces.
  • Shame cannot exist in the light, so be open to sharing about where you feel this painful emotion, others will show you’re not alone.
  • Stop drinking from the poisoned chalice of toxicity in your life. Look at patterns or relationships that need an antidote or require a permanent ending.

On a world level, the shadow of this eclipse falls over Europe, West Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa, though it’s darkest over Russia and Kazakhstan, and into Ukraine and Iran. I’m wondering just who power will be wrested from, and where the throat hold of control will be broken. Especially playing into the nodes of Ayatollah Khamenei’s birth chart (Iranian Supreme Leader), I do wonder if you’re seeing new and exciting changes flowing in to grace what has been dark and constrictive to now.

Want to know more about working with eclipses? Rituals you can try? See my webinar on this specific Taurus-Scorpio series here.

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