Venus cazimi

28 Libra – 22/23 October

As we near the end of Libra season, this weekend brings us a moment of sweetness before the deep dwelling of Scorpio season begins. On Sunday morning in Australia (Saturday afternoon/evening in the rest of the world) Venus enters the heart of the Sun in the comfort of her own sign of Libra forming what we astrologers call a cazimi, where a planet is considered elevated and strengthened. It’s also the start of a new Venus cycle, as this connection to the Sun while Venus is at the highest point in its cycle (apogee) is considered by some traditional astrologers to be when a planet shows it’s most pure and eminent and expression. As this is Venus in her own sign, you can’t get much purer than that.

All the charming and diplomatic traits of Venus in Libra are amplified by the Sun’s bright generosity this weekend. A potent moment for drawing the attention of someone important, from your latest crush to a talent scout, there’s thrill in the air and a pull towards forming connections. With all the ahem, “interesting” astrology ahead in the next month, Venus beckons us to pause and smell the flowers in an oasis of peace.

It’s a day for love. For attraction. For partnerships of any kind. Take that first step towards someone your heart is tugging you towards. Or the next step in deepening an existing connection. Use sincere words of respect to start a lasting partnership. Or start a new project based in love and relationships. Open your heart like a flower in bloom!

It’s a day for fairness. For equality. For justice. Seek ways to create balance in your relationships. Or speak words of reason to unethical treatment. Or introduce harmony in a battle of justice you’re trying to win. From small scale to a global stage, trust your words will hold more powers of persuasion under this energy, so use them!

It’s a day for beauty. For pleasure. For socialising. Splurge on a piece of art. Or a special piece of clothing (fairtrade of course). Stock up on beauty products or spoil yourself with a spa day with friends. Indulge in your favourite meal with a loved one. Whatever helps you connect with the essence of beauty and how it can move your soul.

It’s a day for calm. For coolness. For peace. Wander in the beauty of the natural world. Cool the flames of a heated situation. Seek quiet spaces to soothe and balance. Pray for peace in the world, because it certainly needs it.

I see it as a sweet spot to bask in before we head into the depths of Scorpio season. Venus moves into intense Scorpio on Sunday night, closely followed by the Sun and straight into the arms of Tuesday’s eclipse, so make the most of Libra’s “love and light” while you can! Dust off your Venus altar and weave some of her magic this weekend. Wear green. Or just indulge in a glass of sparkling wine and toast her calming, cooling influence in the world.

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