Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2023

5 Taurus – Sunday 29 October 6.24am Brisbane, Saturday 28 October 9.24pm London, 4.24pm Eastern and 1.24pm Pacific

This lunar eclipse is already building, and straddled by the Mars and Mercury oppositions to Jupiter, it’s painful yet necessary medicine. As my Palestinian friends mused to me this week, their hopes for freedom lie along a bloody road, and they wonder what further costs must be paid on both sides.

The final eclipse of this Taurus-Scorpio series is the end of a beginning, a time to make a final harvest on what has been flowing in since that Lunar eclipse in November 2021. Lunar eclipses bring awareness to the two sides at play. On the one hand, the grounded serenity of Taurus seeks simplicity while Scorpio knows that nothing is ever simple.

When I first studied biology and ecology at university, I was ever amazed at the complexity of the living systems we are a part of here on Gaia. I may lie in the garden and see beauty and harmony, but it’s been hardwon by millions of years of evolution, and when you dig deeper, the complexity is obvious. If we try to simplify too much, to categorise and control the beautiful patterns we live within, we create complications.

Author Tyson Yunkaporta talks about just this in his book Sand Talk, where he explains how indigenous thinking is more complex than the civilised logical Anglicised mindsets, being in concert with the planet for over 60,000 years. He quotes elders sharing ancient narrative through story “if you don’t move with the land, the land will move you” and this is exactly what we’re facing. Personally, I don’t fear for the planet right now, as she will always find ways to right herself. I do fear for the future of the human race if we can’t get over our narcissistic ways and return to living in concert with our home. As Scorpio season lifts the lid on our corrupt and broken systems, this Taurus eclipse is yet another invitation beckoning us into a new time informed by ancient ways.

So let the rhythms of nature guide you. Be with the heartbeat of the planet. Return to simple eating and consume only what you need. Feel yourself as a living part of all this beauty and know it’s where you belong.

3 thoughts on “Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2023”

  1. Isobel Benson

    I am not strong in astrology but your posts are always tangible, I thank you for this. You build good pictures, my thoughts go out to your family in this awful conflict.
    I wish you peace, simplicity and love

  2. As I read this insightful blog post, I am struck by the powerful message behind this Taurus lunar eclipse. I am reminded of the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and their deep connection to the land. It is a call to simplicity and a return to living in harmony with nature. It’s a reminder to be mindful of our consumption and to recognize our place in the delicate balance of our planet. Thank you for sharing this wisdom and perspective, it is truly eye-opening and necessary medicine for our current times.

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