Venus conjunct Saturn

I love a mythical quest, and often become so emotionally involved that when I put down the book I feel like I’ve weathered that journey myself. It’s been the same with Venus recently – the Goddess of Love and Beauty has been in tight spots since she entered her shadow in mid-November. Themes around relating, diplomacy, love, and beauty have been through the wringer, but the end is almost nigh. Let’s do a recap…

First, her travels through the cold, dry plains of Capricorn, descending into the darkened caverns of our subconscious as she danced with Pluto during her retrograde period. She faced demons of the dark and uncovered hidden dilemmas, and after time clashing swords with Mars in February she eventually emerged into the light, bruised yet empowered. Now transformed into her independent Morning Star role, early March brought some hope that the end was near.

But like any good heroine’s tale, it didn’t end there. Just as we thought it was time to relax, Mars chased her through Aquarius’ lofty heights, and she met the chaos and instability of a square to Uranus, where new perspectives were gained and breakthroughs had as it shook apart all she felt she knew before. And now as she advances towards her beloved land of Pisces, there’s the biggest clash of all; meeting battle-hardened elder Saturn this Monday/Tuesday. It will take all her Morning Star fire to make it past his obstacles and there’s no way she can emerge unscathed from the Greater Maelfic’s grip. Better to see this as a chance to solidify and test all she’s learned on her travels and what we’ve discovered ourselves.

Cast your mind back to November; what has happened since then? Look to which houses Venus rule in your chart, or perhaps you’ve felt the themes around love and relating, in general, being slowly transformed into a new place. Have you a new sense of your own self-worth informing engaging with others in a different way? Has your ego faced a battle and is now ready to reconnect with new, balanced power dynamics in place? Saturn draws lines in the sand and can help Venus stay behind them. The Venus in Aquarius key to this is claiming your own individual power by reconnecting to your ethics and values and staying true to them, no matter how others try to sway you.

Are there any rewards for a challenge well met? Starting 5/6 April we’ll be drawn into the magic and mystery of Venus in Pisces, back in her happy place for the first time since early September. The sweet waters of Pisces come with their own set of warnings, but the fantasy and overindulgence may be exactly the reprieve we all need! More on that to come…

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    1. Which house & sign is Father Saturn In? Mine is Air Saturn Rx (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius-Trinity), Holy Ghost is light gray in Fire Sagittarius (including-Aries, Leo, -Trinity), and since I’m disable physically this fire is weak. I have childhood scoliosis. And, this is where Sag & Saturn restrict, my mobility. Anything with Rx -Retrograde Reality is Repeated in the incomplete houses, rooms, and I hope this makes sense. Try to complete the 12th houses and rooms.
      What’s after 12, “Carry on wayward son” to the 13th House & Room. Were headed to the Midheavens. Are we ready?
      There is sooo much to know with astrology/zodiac, be patient, baby steps, Re-member were all in this together. The Holy Ghost within all of US is unimaginable, as I sit here we have to go with the flow, breathe, trust, fearless, were all transforming, we all know what were facing on many different levels of maturity that goes with the title were carrying. And, these titles are overwhelming and the energy within the rainbow colored spheres called chakra’s reside within our torso-Taurus field.
      Sagittarius, and those other 2 fire signs (Aries & Leo) played a huge part in my childhood story. I had a lot of fire in the family, friends, etc., I could multi-task on many levels. Virgo rising in a fire house/room. My Father is a Sagittarius (the horse in my chart). Even tho Dad’s decease he hasn’t left in spirit/ghost.
      So there you have it, part of my story that I took this special book down from my own shelf.
      I’m thankful for the people in my story, and I’m sure there thankful for me being in there’s.
      We’ve completed many dramatic experiences, thanks to Leo, Aries, & Sag, and many other signs, houses, rooms, etc.,
      Btw, lol, my Mother is a Capricorn and the rest is HisStory.
      Mom’s next chapter is Party time. We talked before her spirit took off to the Midheaven. But, I assured her that she’ll have plenty of (time) to complete those desires, and really love it. She’ll be the best of the best for her planning those potlucks, sewing, shopping, you name it, she loved it. And, btw she probably will have more ppl around her because she’ll have little space or privacy. Similar to these pages/ages, she’ll have more ppl visiting, hanging out, she’ll have many family own businesses, etc.
      I’m not sure about Dad at this moment. I didn’t get a chance to hear those last words. So, will just leave those pages empty for now, (open-mind).
      Jeanette, get to know your Saturn-Father, Daddy, Ol’ Man, Pappa, etc. Which house/room, elements, all that great wisdom is already within you. And, if you don’t know anyone, than soon enough that person will show up, sooner or later.
      Get to know your chakra’s as well. Those beautiful Spheres. There should be plenty of reading material and even ppl who can guide you to them.
      Anyhoo, hope to hear from you soon.
      Love Terry Lynn

  1. Nicely Put! Finally made some sense. Venus in Leo, 12th House, final house without exams. No more tests, challenges, etc., I know who I am. Do we all know who we truly are? I truly feel a balance right now. We do. And, we all know the old/new book of Job, now ask; ‘this is Terry’s Book of Job (mskitty).
    Saturn says; or Father “Be Still & Know”. Knows what desires come. Here they come through art, painting, drawing, coloring, taking care of these precious hands, eyes, minds that are within this singlular mind. “How do I want to be treated as a King, Queen, Princess, Prince in whatever costumes, and how should I treat others? As I would want to be treated. Do we know how others want to be treated? Well, get to know them your neighbors. Stay Focus, Calm, life is a repeat, how are we doing? Starts with Us, no pointing fingers. My mirror is your mirror One mirror.
    Love ya TerryLynnJobNieminen

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