Virgo New Moon 2021

14 Virgo – 7 September

Brisbane –10.51am, London – 1.51am, New York – 8.51am (6 September), Los Angeles – 5.51pm (6 September)

This Virgo New Moon carries the message “when in overwhelm, simplify”. The productive and focused energy of recent earth trines continues as this New Moon pulls in Uranus in Taurus for support in its drive towards purity and simplicity. Uranus assists separates in the just the right way to lift the superfluous out of our routines and bring us back to bare basics.

When I feel confused or overwhelmed, Virgo always reminds me to come back to nature and glean understanding from its true adeptness. Nothing is wasted in nature; all is purposeful yet beautiful. From the flash of bright colours in the mating bird, to the intricate weaving of a spider’s web for hunting, and the genius of bee’s wax honeycomb for storage. Human’s have learnt much from watching and observing the microworld of our planet with many technologies based on the flora and fauna we share this planet with. Astrologers often say “as above so below” and this is reflected back the other way too. One way to ground yourself into the present it to observe micro nature, and the myriad of small ways life goes on under our feet.

Under this New Moon, you’re invited to peel back the layers and come to the pure heart of your life. Virgo reminds we are all in service to the Universe, and when we align with that life becomes uncomplicated again. Try looking at one aspects of your life from the new perspective Uranus encourages, then ask the discerning question “does it fit my life purpose” to guide your choices away from complex dispersion and into pure alignment. Perhaps simply discovering your life purpose can be a task this month… and remember Marianne Williamson’s advice here – “The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us.” Simple, isn’t it?!

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