Gemini Full Moon 2022

Thursday 8 December at 2.08pm Brisbane, 4.08am London, and Wednesday 7 December at 11.08pm Eastern, 8.08pm Pacific

Usually, I love the social, light-hearted, and flirty vibe of the Gemini Full Moon at this time of year, but this year it’s conjunct that irritable Mars dragging its feet backward through the sky, so expect an extra dose of heat and passion. You may find conversations an exercise in knife play, as the sparking repartee Gemini is known for gaining a sharp edge. Have fun with witty banter but be careful with your words so you or others don’t get hurt.

The flexibility of Gemini is your superpower under this Full Moon energy, as retrograde Mars keeps moving all the pieces around. Like that proverbial cat on a hot tin roof this Full Moon may highlight situations that have become too hot to handle, or relationships that aren’t as comfortable as you hoped. Mercury in Capricorn ruling this Full Moon will bring a dose of reality, hopefully the seatbelt we all need to keep this hot-headed energy under control.

Things this week go from hectic to nothing and back again. Plans are in constant flux so be prepared to pivot and know it’s hard to lock anything down. With Mercury soon to go retrograde, it may be we don’t see the chips fall into place until mid-January, so make friends with uncertainty for now.

A general sense of lethargy may have you questioning if you can do all the silly season things. You may feel like you’re on the back foot and unable to get ahead, and that it’s ok, perhaps it’s best to just ride out the crazy from a quiet space over the next few days.

It’s the midpoint of the Mars retrograde journey this year, that moment where Mars’ opposite the Sun. Under the beams of this Full Moon, a few lightbulb moments may come about around Mars themes such as drive, passion, assertion, confidence and bravery. It’s an excellent time to be journal, as Gemini loves writing, so pour that Mars energy into the written words on a page, where you get to check and edit yourself and either release the pent-up energy or cool the sharp edges.

Ways to manage the energy of this Full Moon:

  • Breathwork will help with the mental wheels spinning overtime, the slower and deeper the better to activate the lower half of the lungs to relax the nervous system. 4-7-8 breathe is wonderful for this
  • Put your busy mind towards a single purpose or project to give that topsy-turvy Mars a healthy focus
  • Stay as flexible as possible, and if energy levels dip, ensure you have space to rest
  • Fun flirting can turn passionate quickly, so experiment with wordplay for spice between the sheets
  • Avoid inflaming conversations or heated communications over the coming days, anger is good as a signal, but not as a behaviour informer
  • Use water or Venus energy to cool yourself under this Full Moon

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