Libra New Moon 2021

6 October at 13 Libra

Brisbane – 9.05pm, London –12.05pm, Eastern –7.05am, Pacific – 4.05am

The Libra New Moon each is usually pleasant, drawing our attention to relationships, pleasures of the mind and achieving balance. When I look at the glyph I always see a bridge as well as scales, as Libra is the sign that will bring unions and seek commonalities.

However there is a major fly in the ointment this year, with Mars in Libra the same degree as this New Moon, which means taking the time to see from another’s perspective may just make you frustrated. Mars’ is like that hot-head we all know, who sometimes is all fine and at others gets all fired up over simple things. Mars likes to feel it has power to act, energise and assert but in its current state (combust, and in it’s detriment in Libra) it knows it has none but is still going down fighting. How will it fight? Think classic teenage “mean girl”; all smiles to your face with hidden barbs and knives out when your back is turned. Add in Venus in Scorpio (also in its detriment) ruling this New Moon, and it’s a classic “Mean Girls” or “Heathers” kinda situation! The lesson in most of those stories? Be careful who you connect with as that’s the mirror you create for yourself.

I know it all sounds a bit “Firestarter”, so can you set intentions under this New Moon? I’m going to say yes, with some caveats.

Firstly, give Mars something to do… it loves getting active, so this is the month to join a fast-paced, competitive yet social team sport, like tennis, football or indoor netball. Or you can put energy into a collaborative project that has a tight deadline or needs some real energy put into it, Mars loves a mission! Or think activist work to create equality, fairness or justice – perhaps fundraising for gender equality campaigns, protesting against Indigenous deaths in custody or supporting refugee integration, whatever works for you!

Bridges have two sides, and all scales have a fulcrum: the higher point from which balance is created. When seen from this stepped-back perspective, Libra invites us into an evolved state, where paradoxes are accepted, and two opposite thoughts can be true at the same time. This takes time, reflection, and deep thought to access, which is a perfect use of Mercury’s current retrograde phase. The more focus you can bring to a calm and neutral state in the next few weeks, the easier you’ll navigate the coming Full Moon and the complicated energy of November. Remember the mirror of Libra, if you are irritable or frustrated in a relationship under this energy, it could say more about your needs (are you asking for them to be met?) and state of mind (and who isn’t feeling overwhelmed at the moment) than theirs.

If you’d like to know more about this New Moon, and the Aries Full Moon in a few weeks, my Libra New Moon Magic workshop is now available to download and the live Q&A will be Tuesday 5 October at 11.30am AEST (12.30am ADST, 2.30am in the UK, and Monday 4 September at 9.30 pm Eastern and 6.30 pm Pacific), where you can bring all your questions.

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