Mercury in Cancer – stay in something more comfortable

Mercury has just slipped slowly into the sensitive territory of Cancer, where his next retrograde will take place on June 18. Like coming home at the end of a big day to slide into the comforts of home – swapping shoes for slippers, tight clothes for loungewear, and the relief of getting out of a bra! It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as it feels good – these are the urges of Mercury into Cancer.
Usually, at this time I’d be urging you to find ways to get more comfortable, but the truth is we’ve been living in loungewear for months. No uniform, no high heels, no pantyhose, no tight jeans. And suddenly it’s the opposite, we’re being asked to step out of comfort and head back to school/work/life. And for many, it’s feeling awkward.

I’ve heard the phrase “reverse culture shock” a lot this week in relation to emerging from COVID isolation, and it’s important to recognise. I went through this when I moved home from a few years in Europe in 2001, the unexpected grief of returning to the comforts of “home” but with a fresh perspective that left it lacking. Sydney suddenly seemed like a backwater, lacking the culture and variety I had grown used to. I craved the museums, the cafes, the fashion, the gastropubs. I remember walking down a deserted George St at midnight, comparing it to Shaftesbury Ave in London which is bustling at any time, and feeling so confused. Home wasn’t home anymore, and it took me months to adjust but I grew to love that jewel of a city again. How? I immersed myself in what I loved about the city I was born in (family and friends, nature, beaches, climate) while also connecting with comforts I enjoyed in Europe. I explored the art galleries and theatres, discovered European style cafés and bars just like London.

And this is my big tip for the next eight weeks, as Mercury moves backwards and forwards in Cancer… as we emerge from our iso caves, blinking in the daylight, to go gentle with ourselves as we move back into life. It won’t be like it used to be, the world has changed too much, there is no clicking those ruby slippers and saying “there’s no place like home” . But that’s the beauty of this, you can weave into your new life what brought you comfort in isolation. If you loved not wearing heels, buy some classy flats. If you enjoyed games nights with the family, make a new tradition of this each week. If it was the slower pace of life that brought peace, block out your schedule to allow for that going forward.

Because we are going forward into the future, whether we like it or not, and we can do it in a way that offers and ease and settlement instead of climbing straight back into the hamster wheel harness. Mercury will sextile Uranus in Taurus three times during his Cancer journey, which is a chance to think outside the box and break the old cycles you don’t wish to return to. Listening to the inner voices can show you the right decisions or sudden insights shine a light on an exciting new path.

Important dates to know during Mercury’s travels through Cancer:
June 4/5 – Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus, helping us find new, innovative ways to bridge the old home with the new. Think outside the box or follow an unusual idea to find new ways to be comfortable.
June 18 – Mercury stations to go retrograde. I’ll write more closer to the time, and have written before here and here, but it’s definitely not a day for anything involving cohesive thinking, future planning, travel, writing or speaking.
June 30/July 1 – Mercury sextiles Uranus again, and we get a chance to do more work on speaking our truth or throwing a spanner in the wheel of old thought patterns.
July 8 – Mercury square Mars can be tense words or aggressive communication, so taking time to think through your responses can halt defensive reactions.
July 11 – Mercury direct, and again a day of possible delays, systems going haywire or getting your wires crossed, but there is a feeling now that the solution is in sight.
July 23 – last of the Mercury sextile Uranus aspects, what didn’t you learn or understand previously about the importance of your unique voice? Time to express it out, and share it with the world!
July 28 – Mercury square Mars and another day of focused thoughts and sharp words. Physically activity is a great way to overcome mental overwhelm or anxiety.
July 31 – A really busy day as Mercury first opposes Jupiter and then trines Neptune. Like friends who lead you astray, neither of these planets allow Mercury to pass on a clear message or think straight. Take a break from any mental activity or communication plans today, instead swap for big picture thinking or creatively visualising future possibilities.
August 1 – Mercury opposes Pluto and we can become obsessed with our feelings or hidden emotions can well from the depths. Allowing the truth to come out, even if it hurts, allows for the healing that is needed.
August 4 – Mercury opposite Saturn brings mental clarity and focused thinking, but it’s sober and serious in nature. A conversation or message may bring reality to light, but you’ll have the presence of mind and maturity to put in the hard work needed to right the situation.

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