Taurus Season 2020

We’re officially in Taurus territory now, as the Sun changed signs earlier today. I usually love Taurus season, there’s a gentle serenity that settles in and a tug to building sweetness that offers a balm to the soul. This year, there’s a number of complications though, so I don’t think it will be the “sink into a relaxing bubble bath after a long day” that Taurus season can often be.

Firstly, tomorrow  (April 20/21) the Sun will square off against Saturn which has newly arrived in Aquarius. New concerns may come to light, obligations hold you back, or the melancholy of current events may weight more heavily with this. With Saturn close to Altair, the reminder is to always take the higher road. Doing the right thing may not feel wonderful for you in the short term, but is the best possible outcome for everyone in the long-term. Yes, this includes us all staying in isolation for the safety of our whole community, but you may face personal responsibilities that force you to choose between being true to yourself or doing your duty. This will be particularly pertinent for anyone with a birthday today or tomorrow, or around 20/21 January, 23/24 August or 23/24 October. I can imagine having a birthday in isolation fits this to a tee, sadly, so sending warm wishes for a magical year ahead despite it all.

Next up, we have the New Moon in Taurus on Thursday which is all wrapped up in Uranus’ earth-shattering ways. New Moons are about creating your future, but this one is particular is really asking you to be ready to stand on the edge of the unknown and be ready for whatever comes our way. The best thing though? You can ground your anchor into the Taurus soil to feel more comfortable stepping forwards. Perhaps you’d like to join my monthly online New Moon Gathering to further explore how this can work for you personally.

From here the Uranus vibes continue as the Sun meets up with electrifying Uranus on Sunday 26th, and asks you to push back against restraints or shine a light on the rut you are in. Follow the breadcrumbs of restlessness and frustration to see just where your wheels are stuck. Radical ideas, sudden insights or wild inspirations are possible, and can show you the way out you didn’t even know you needed. Whether it’s following a white tail down a rabbit hole or seeing the sun break through dark clouds, this catalytic energy can help you spin in a new and exciting direction.

After that, it’s a sigh of relief with smoother sailing for a while as we enjoy the simpler treats of Taurus season. The ruler of Taurus, Venus, will be going retrograde from May 13, making the last week of Taurus season more internal than normal – I’ll be posting more about this soon. Meanwhile, some beautiful Taurus activities to try right now:

– baking, baking and more baking; the sweeter, the better

– getting your hands and feet in the earth, including gardening, forest bathing and slow walks in nature

– gentle and restorative practices, including working on a good sleep fitness, mediation and grounding in your body with yoga, pilates or weights

– immersing yourself in physical pleasures, and giving your body the attention it deserves. You may not be able to get to the hairdressers or beauty salon, but you could splurge on a little luxury delivery, or try some DIY beauty treatments like this, but perhaps not these

– another Taurus delight is good food, and you can feel good as you help out your local restaurant by ordering take away or delivery. Pair it with your favourite tipple for Taurus heaven!

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